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10 stone in 10 months ?




I lost 2 stone in 2 months, not sure how I would have went if I'd have stuck in longer term.

Maybe he exercised a fair bit? Being a man he'd have a higher muscle mass so would burn more anyway even at rest.

I dunno. Good on him anyway :)
I did SW a few years back and lost 6 stone in 6 months, then had a bit of a crisis in my life and put it all back on again, and more. Ive tried a few times since without success, but this time I've managed 3 stone 5lb so far and it's taken me 4 months and one week. That includes three weeks of holidays plus conferences here and there where I only semi-stuck to plan.


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Men lose faster to begin with and when you have that much to lose then a lot comes off faster. It's unusual though, with SW the average weight loss is about 1.5lbs a week. If you have a lot to lose then you'd probably lose 1st in your first month to six weeks but it slows down after that. Also depends how you work the plan, whether you do mainly red or EE or green, use all your syns etc.
Yeah same here, 47 in 18 weeks, just over 2.5lb a week.
Hi there

I have lost 10st 3lbs in about 14months, and have about another 3st -ish to go, I expected my losses to have slowed down -but I have seriously upped the exercise and so far its keeping things moving...
There is a man in the newspapers today who has lost 10 stones in 10 months on Slimming World. How common is it for Slimming World dieters to lost 1 stone per month. If it isn't common then whats the average weight loss per week or month ?
Thats very unusual, almost unheard of - thats a VLCD weight loss rate. The average on SW is about half a stone a month, some people might lose slightly more but then some people lose a bit less but half a stone is a good rule of thumb.


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I lost 7 stone in 11 months not by doing anything special - just sticking to the plan 100%, making sure I had lots of variety in my diet and exercising regularly (from month 2 onwards).


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As said above, its obviously possible as that chap did it, but it depends on how strict youre willing to be and how much you exercise. There is a bloke in our class who has lost a stone in three weeks.
I lost 3 stone in 4 months, losing my first stone in my first 3 weeks on EE. I wasn't even exercising at that stage. I put it down to the complete change of my diet, my diet before was terrible so moving to a low fat healthy eating plan obviously kicked things off in a big way.

It has taken me longer to lose the last 9lbs, but that has been down to me, not SW. I have been more relaxed and have had a few weekends off plan. I've still lost though, just slower.

Up to the beginning of May, I think my average loss was 3lbs a week.


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i lost a stone in a month

its between 3-4lb a week which is a very acheivable stay on plan exersize lots


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btw when i stay on plan and do my body magic i loose about 3.5lb a week
When I read these posts I get sooo disheartened. I started SW at New Year and I've only lost 1 st. I think my b*****y scales is stuck at 12st. I did go on holiday and put on 4 lb so I suppose I have actually lost 18lbs in approx 23 weeks. I just console myself that the plan is reasonably easy to stick to and it the weight is coming off even if it is slow. I would like to lose another stone and then I'd be satisfied. I'm not aiming to be size 10, just 12 -14 would be nice. At the moment I wear size 16 in most things though everything is much looser than it used to be.
Hi supergran

Don't get disheartened you are doing great :clap:-if you look back at the statistics of the posters on this thread -you will find most of us started off much heavier than you ;)-so losses are often higher for us to start with,
Heck Im only 1/2lb lighter than you started at and I have been at it for 14months and *I hate using this term* I have never had a day OFF plan -although I don't see it as being ON plan -this is just the way I eat now... but I have never gone over my syns -had a flexi day or anything and I do exercise quite a lot,
Right from the start I have told myself that "anything off is heading in the right direction" and that is one of the things that has kept me going...
Keep up the great work -we will get there :vibes:
Thank you Capricorn for your words of encouragement. I'm sure you are right when you say that those with more to lose start off with huge losses. Plus I have been on and off SW for several years so it wasn't such a change for my body. Following the plan properly just meant less syns and less HEs really. I never was a junk food eater but I do like my cakes and chocolate. Have just changed those for fruit and yogurt. As you say we will get there eventually.


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I lost 7 stone in 8 months on ww, but got depressed and it all went back on!!
Ive beeb on sw for 6 wks and have lost 24.5 lbs, hopefully I might reach my first target of 2 stone this week?!
Ive noticed my losses are smaller than when ive done ww in the past... But I had a baby six months ago and yo yo'ed and the year before my pregnancy I lost 4 stone, 2 of which i managed to keep off so guess my body qas already rid of the bulk that I have lost so quickly in the first few weeks on previous diets? I havent a clue really but it sounds good lmao!!

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