10 stone in a year.

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  1. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    I'm starting this thread as I want to get below 20 stone by the end of the year, I weighed in at 425 pound this morning. Over the last 6 odd months I've put on 10 stone after I had boost over 16 stone, daft I know but it is what it is and this time it won't be as daunting but in one way it's going to be even harder as river the past 6 months I've eating like a pig to be honest. Loads of stuff has happened in private life but still no excuse and now is the time to step up and get a grip once more.

    So everyone who wants to join along can, I'm going to be weighing in on the first of every month.

    So my starting weight for this challenge is 425 pound (30 stone 5 pound)

    Here's to a lighter/healthier 2013
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  3. shane-24

    shane-24 Member


    I hope the diet goes all well and what are your plans. What calorie intake are you thinking about, and exercise.

    Might be a good idea to keep a food log and watch your calorie intake,

    Also on this forum we do monthly targets. EG we got a post started to state wha we would like to lose within the january month, myself i am aiming 14lbs
  4. JLStretton

    JLStretton Choose Life.

    Hello there just going to go back to my eating plan that I did when I lost weight before.
    Something along tar lines of weetabix for breakfast. Then a yogurt for snack then sanI and crisps for dinner then a apple for snack in afternoon then a main meal like spam bol or stir fry or leg dinner. Then some crackers in the evening. Doing it this way as I know it works and drinking plenty of water. Me and the Missus actually went out for a walk tonight.
  5. pinkelle

    pinkelle I'm on a mission!!!

    I'm here and joining you!!!! :p
  6. Auxie

    Auxie Member

    Hello James.

    I've recently decided to do something similar, I weighed in at a whopping 28st 4lbs on new years day. My target weight would be less than 20st too but ideally 16-17st id be extremely happy with (I've not been happy with my body for many o year but was hard to put the pies down etc)

    I might be cheating a little as ive started lipotrim meal replacements, but ill probably be on it for a max 5-6months. However the point im trying to make is that; take things one day at a time, set yourself relistic mini targets and stay positive, and before you know it you'll be at your ultimate goal.

    Best wishes
  7. Cherry-Blossom

    Cherry-Blossom I CAN do this

    I'm in. Not quite 10 stone to lose (I'm probably looking 8-9.5 stone loss) but still seems rather daunting. I've myself a target of 6 for this year which is half a stone a month. I'd love to be at target for 2014 but I know if I set my sights too high I'll definitely fall off and 7lb a month is doable.

    Good luck everyone.
  8. Emmie

    Emmie Silver Member

    Hi James. Good luck on your journey! I'm aiming for a good 6-7 stone loss (so not quite 10) but it's all a plus I suppose!
    Good Luck and Best Wishes everyone! :)
  9. RAllardice

    RAllardice Member

    I have just joined slimming world with 10st to lose, how has your week been going so far?
  10. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    Hiya! Good luck with your goal this year, I seem to recall your posts from before and you did really well so you deffo do it again :)

    I'm aiming for another 6st this year. Would love more but not sure it's realistic. Looking forward to seeing how you get on x
  11. Lolacola83

    Lolacola83 Full Member

    You can Defo do this :) I've been on slimming world for 1 year now and got my 8 stone award last week! And I started at 20st 12.5lbs!
    Looking forward to watching ur journey unfold :)

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  12. mariavon

    mariavon Gold Member

    Hiya James , can I join you on your journey , I lost 7 stone in 2011, but I wasn't at target and let things slide over last year 2 stone fluctuated on and off and on again I've now got 6 stone to lose to get to target , so from starting weight to target will be a total loss off 10 stone, I really want to achieve this but I know I'm going to need lots of support,

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  13. precious

    precious Gold Member

    Hey James just popping in to wish you lots of good luck on your journey :)

    Good luck to everyone else too

  14. Thrashscara

    Thrashscara Member

    hi james! good luck! I'm aiming for a 4stone loss by July! fingers crossed for everyone!

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