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10 stone or more to lose...scary



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Hi Louie,

I wish you well on your journey, and you have come to the right place, as the support and advice you will get on here is amazing.

Keep posting and good luck xx
Hi Louie Lou
I don't have 10 stone to lose but hope that you'll find the support here despite how much people have to lose. I take my hat off to you - what a fabulous goal. I find it helps to browse the catalogues and plan what I'll order when I can get into them.
Good Luck and I hope you enjoy the friendship and support on here.
If i my goal weight is 10 stone, then i need to loose 9 stone really. It does not matter how much weight you have to loose, you have made a decision to shift it with CD. You will get loads of support on this forum and keep us updated every week with how well you are doing.
I write a blog most days which i find helps me as i must be honest with myself on it and if i have a blip, them i must confess to it on my blog. I find it helps to be honest with everybody what im doing as in the past ive told little white lies to hide whats really going on, ive no excuses this time.
Drink the water (i have 1 pint first thing in the morning, then 1 pint before every foodpack minimum) and my losses have been very good.
Ive been doing this for 5 weeks and lost 5 inches from my waist, i have also checked and ive lost 10% of my body weight in 5 weeks and we all know the massive improvem,ents in health for loosing 10% of body weight. Ive moved from 'morbidly obese' to 'obese' and there are so many other things ive noticed, i would be here days telling you about them.

You keep going girl, 10 stone or 1 stone...we are all on this site to loose the flab and get healthy! You are amongst friends here! :)


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I have 10 stone to loose... been on it 3 weeks, weigh in's on fridays - had a bad week - meals out with work and I am feeling ill as it is - struggling to get all the shake down - just hoping and praying for -3lb this week anything more will be a bonus!!

Good luck!!


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only on week 3 but from biggest to goal is 14 stone. started at 24 and my goal is 10. lost 8 through diet and exercise but became stuck. i wish i started this diet at the begining, i proberly would have been at goal by now! good luck and keep us posted x x


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Hey Louie Lou. I have 12.5 stone to lose, I am currently 22.5st and target is 10 stone by beg 2012 as that is our provisional wedding date!

I have only just started SW last week so first weighin is tomorrow night.

How are you doing so far?

Much love, Kel xxx


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Hi Louie Lou, you know i'm there with you - we can do it. Zoe xx


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I started off with 10 stone to lose, now only got 2 and a half to go! As long as you follow it correctly, you WILL lose the weight. There is always a wealth of advice and help on here, God knows I've turned to the guys on here enough times!

Good Luck for your journey, keep a positive outlook and do it one day at a time! xx


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Wow Hannah, that is really inspiring. It really does help to hear that it can be done. May I ask how long it has taken and was it on ss. Good luck with the last 2 and half . Zoe xx
Hannah, you have done fantastic. I hope i can do the same as you, i bet you feel so much better already, i can't wait to see the differance in my shape and how i feel.
well done you xx
Hey Zoe, how your second week going.
I'm still going strong, not thinking about food as much as I was, being on here is a big help in the evening. I read all the threads, and there is some strong willed people out there, hope I can be one of them this time. The only time I lossed weight was about 14 years ago when I lost 5 stone on weight watcher, but put it back on and more, this time when I get to goal I WILL NOT put it back on again. louie x


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Hey Louie, I feel really good this week, feeling really strong minded about sticking to this. I really want to get back to having a life where it wasn't all just about food. It's scary when you think about how much food was playing a part in your life-becomes your life. I want more than that now and really feel it's gonna happen this time on this. Can't wait for Monday weigh in. Iknow it's not gonna be as good as my first week but I hope for a good loss still. Let me know how it goes for you. Have you been getting the messages I sent you. Zoe xx

Zoe, what messages?


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You got em-yippee. Zoe x
Hey... i started lipotrim 2 weeks ago... am switching over to CD because of the extra choice of flavours in a weeks time:)

my start weight was 19 stone 8lbs and its currently 18 stone 2 1/2lbs (-19 1/2) so im wanting to lose just under 10 stone now:) ill maybe stop before then when i get to a weight that im happy with:)

Hey cheeky, i fine all the shakes nice so you should be OK, don't have the soups but that personal preferance, good luck with your CD, Louie;)


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Hey all,
I need to loose about 10 stones. On day 2 and feeling crap. Hoping to feel better when I hit ketosis. I agree with you Louie about the soups, I have tried 3 flavours and dont like any of them yuck yuck yuck.
good luck everyone in the coming week xxx

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