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100 days almost up!

Well, my 100 days is up on 13th September, next Wednesday.

Got weighed last night, and 6.8lbs down from the bank holiday Monday, more than I thought, was quite happy with that!:p:p:p

So, I'm 3.5lbs off 5 stone now, I can't believe it, I know it's a stone a month and I'm way ahead of that now! Wooohooo!!

Just 2 more stone to go - bring it on!!!

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Thanks Lotty,

I think in my mind I'll always be the fat girl, don't think I'll ever get over that. Still, I've got a pic of me about 12 stone when I was 19, big baggy shirt and elasticated trousers, can't believe I used to wear that!
You will surprise yourself just keep looking at that lovely slim you in a full length mirror Best of luck in management
Thanks, totally lost the plot a bit last night though. My elderly neighbour knocked on my door last night at 8.30 wanting to know what time it was, she had a massive gash on her forehead, so q me being in casualty till 3.30 this morning with her. Got home, made a cup of green tea, and went straight to the fridge and had a big fistfull of wafer thin chicken - ah well, at least it wasn't bread! I knew I was doing it, i was tired and hungry, and no amount of adult inner voice was stopping me!!:rolleyes:

So, got to bed at 4, and up at 7, now sat in the office on my last day before a weeks holiday, witha mountain of work I need to get done, and absolutely no energy to do it!!:sigh::sigh::sigh:

Ah well, onwards and downwards!
Hi Greenockgal

Apart from the fistful of chicken (as opposed to dollars!) - which really isn't such a big deal because you identified why and stopped there - I HAVE to congratulate you. What an amazing achievement for Foundation.

Really well done and I hope you are going to reward yourself with something non-food!


Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks guys, I haven't been on here for a while as I was off on holiday, well, if you call it that, running round daft decorating the house, putting my fat clothes on Ebay and generally having a good clear out!

BUT - hubby was away last thursday night, so I went straight to the kebab shope! I had such a fight with my rebellious child, you wouldn not believe!

On the plus side, I had half of it, thought it was minging so chucked it away - I won't be having one of them again! Lesson learnt!

I had 6 inches cut off my hair last week too - time for the transformation to begin! Only problem is, I'm just about 13 stones now, and I want to get to 11 (I'm 5"7), and everyone is telling me now that I should start eating and that I don't need to lose any more weight - BUT I DO!!!!!!!:argh:

Ah well, onwards and downwards!!!
That's a common response GG! I think other people - especially if you always been large or been large for a long time - take a long time to catch up with the new you picture instead their heads. They can see you look good and think you're finished. Take it as a compliment but don't let it stop you from achieveing your goal.
Thanks Sandra, I was telling the girls my kebab episode (above) and they all said that obviously I needed to eat as my body was telling me I had to have a kebab!! Noooooooooo! I had to then go into the realms of Parent, Adult and child and crooked thinking, they looked at me like I was daft!!:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
congrats on ur 99 days greenockgal. im pretty sure kebabs r only meant to taste nice after 13 pints of lager so well done for coming to ur senses :) sounds like u have ur head screwed on straight and u'll be at goal soon. very well done to you. xxxxx
Thanks Karen, I'm really trying, but it see,s since I've hit the 100 days that I can't keep away from the fridge! A lot of nibbling, just bits of chicken and ham, the odd spoonful of hubby's tea to make sure it tastes okay (what is he - royalty??!! Does he need an official food taster??!!) - I need to become re-focussed, as I know, the longer I nibble, then the longer I'll be on the diet!


I'm focusing on Christmas at the moment, if I am realistic I can have finished development by the end of November and be on 3rd week of management for Christmas, and allowed to eat my dinner.
That's what is keeping me going at the moment, be good for another 9 weeks of development and be winning by Christmas. If I dither now I'm going to be struggling come Christmas and New Year. I want to start 2008 with the worst part of this diet behind me.
You could have roughly the same timetable as your ticker tape says 30 lb to go. Hope it gives you a solid goal to aim for.

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