social events coming up - worried about getting back on 100%


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I'm a size 12, 5'9 and been doing Cambridge for about 6 weeks. I have so far found it quite easy (touch wood I won't jinx it now) and have been super consistent, no cheating. Right now I am feeling super focused of reaching my goal of getting to a 8/10 by May.

Two social events are coming up and I can't wait - I plan to enjoy them both without guilt but then get right back onto the diet afterwards.

I've got my parents coming to see me next week, I've taken time off, and I've arranged a surprise trip to Paris for an overnight stay. It's my mum's birthday so we will celebrate with a lunch and dinner on the first day, and we are meeting a friend for a lunch on the second. Besides those three meals I plan to stick to the diet.

Later in April I have a trip to Denmark for Easter with friends, we will stay in a cottage by the sea and eat, drink and be merry :) It'll be so much fun. It's four days so my aim is to try to be sensible but not panic too much either.

Saying that... I do worry a bit that as much as I have been doing well so far, I'll find it too hard to get back on it again after my planned cheat days. I think the recommendation when on 100% is to increase calories after 3 months and then go back down again. Whilst not exactly the same, how do people feel after doing that? I assume you get kicked out of ketosis doing so. Any tips?

Oh, and as a side note... my loss to date has primarily come from the top half. I can't wait for the stubborn thigh/bum excess to start shifting with a bit more speed. Anyone found that it is harder to shift too and might anyone have observed any pattern about when you started seeing that lower half moving? Could do with a bit of motivation on that front as it's always been an area I've been conscious of... :(

Right ladies and gents. Back to work I must go.
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If you are going high on carbs and do a lot of drinking, it will no doubt kick you out of ketosis, so you may find that you go through the extra hunger that you experienced when you first went on sole source.

For those that increase calories without "cheating" on the diet, they are primarily doing it with lean meat and low-carb veggies. If you stick with those choices, then you'd probably stay in ketosis, depending on what all you ate.