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100 days today but a bit mis!

Hi there everyone!
Sorry I haven't been around for a while. I have been back a few times though and read what you have all been up to with great interest! Well done all those that have made it and congratulations to those that have just started.

I'm on day 100 now and although I am absolutely exstatic that I have managed to loose just over 4 stone I am keep thinking about the 4 stone I still have to loose! The thought of doing another 100 days or more makes me quite miserable. For those of you who are now on Management please can you tell me when you started? Did you start when you were at target or before?

I have also just come back from 10 days holiday in Tunisia and was proud that I managed to stick to the diet 100%.
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Congrats on finishing the 100 days ! I was in a similar position. Don't worry, it carries on falling off. Hoping to get to 8 stone this week. You can do it !
All the best
:clap: congratulations!!:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
day 100 and 4stone gone what an acheivement!!
why don't you have a chat at session and perhaps give yourself smaller goals, and to think of being soo good on holiday is brill!! well done again.:eat:Eat or not eat that is the question, only you can answer that tobe!


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Well done on getting to day 100 and even more so for sticking to it so well the last few days while you've been away. Can't help you with your question though sorry as I have a long way to go before I get to Management.

Thanks alot Magickmel, Angelxx and katie oxo!

I am going to my class tomorrow morning which I know will "refuel" me. My last class was on 26/3 because I've been away. I did however go last Friday when I learnt that I had lost 10lbs. I will talk to my counselor about when to go on Management because I know you do still loose.
I think I will feel much better tomorrow night after seeing all my LL mates at the class.
Thanks so much for all your encouragement!!!
Magickmel did you feel the same on day 100?
Well done for losing soooo much!!!! Hopefully I will be inspired by you. I know I want to keep at it but I am feeling a wee bit miffed and want to eat.
Thats the spirit girl & great that you get so much support from your group! I know what you mean, although I am only on week 4. Its a LONG old slog when you have lots to loose but look how fabulously you are doing!! Not cheating on hol is also incredible so a humongous well done for that!! Just take it a day at a time, have a chat with the LLC & let us know how you get on!


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OOh congratulations on getting to day 100, what a fantastic acheivement :D and 4 stones gone to - You go girl!!

You'd be feeling a lot more miffed if you ate, take it from someone who knows :eek: ... Keep shaking, you're doing great. do you know why you're feeling 'miffed'? You did so well abstaining on your hols, don't ruin it now... Perhaps you could treat yourself to something, non edible of course lol having reached your 100 days :p

Stay strong:)
Thanks alot In search of me and Geri!
You are all really encouraging and I already feel that my mood has been lifted. I will have an early night and look forward to tomorrow. xxx
Congratulations on getting to 100 days and not lapsing while on holiday :clap:.

I can understand a bit about how you're feeling as I know I have to go into development. I am already thinking about it now and just at the end of week 5!!!!

Let us know what you decide to do and how you get on :)


has started again!!
I so understand your feelings at this point. I am only in week 9, but as of this point in time I reckon I have at least another 6 stone to lose, maybe more. I get huge emotional swings; sometimes (like this am) I am as high as a kite on all those lovely positive strokes I am getting, then I think of no food until at least after this summer, and I sink as low as I can...:(:sigh::(

I try to remind myself that this is relatively short term, compared to the rest of my life, and try to focus on how I will feel once I am truly the slim person I want to be. I cant quite believe that I am actually going to "do it" this time, but my teeth are well and truly gritted and I am in this for the long haul!:eek:

So, lets stick with these positive thoughts, and I will also wear a peg on my nose so I can smell all those BBQs, my absolute fave kind of meal....sob sob!!!

Good luck!!

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Well done slinkytobe,
I know how you feel, because I think I will only have lost about 4 stone by the end of foundation, but I've got 7 stone to lose altogether.
I really want to go into maintenance before I go on holiday in July, there is no way I want to be in abstinence then!
Well done for staying in abstinence for your holiday, you must have very strong willpower.



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Well done for completing 100days - and whilst on holiday. 4 stone is a great loss and if you look at the next 4 stone in chunks of a stone at a time instead of the whole amount that may help.

Anyway WELL DONE!!!
Hi don't be down - look at where you where you were 14 weeks ago - you have done so well.

Why not go out and treat yourself with a day at a pa or a facial and then right mini goals and rewards down so that you can see some progress ? You have another 4 stone to go but it you could do that in 14 weeks - just think how good you will look on Christmas day ????

I am on managment now and I would say that you shouldn't do managment until you get to 7 pounds from goal, I have heard that that is what you can expect to lose in that phase.


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