1000 stage - anyone on this??


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Hi, have been struggling to get back into ss+ after xmas and was thinking of leaving to go to slimming world as I miss food so much. My cdc advised me to try 1000. I have cereal/egg for breakfast an apple, a shake and a bar and salad pots and chicken. It sounds a lot but i am still struggling.
Is anyone else on this stage? Do you find you are still losing weight?
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Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Karen, I am on the 1000 plan at the moment too, on my 2nd week now and it has taken a bit of getting used to. I've tried to plan my day in advance and stick to timings as much as possible, one thing i have found though is having the bars and cereal kicked off my hunger immensely!! so i've decided to choose the lower carbs if possible, here's my typical day -
10am - CD porridge
12ish - poached egg, on toast with salad
2ish - ½ shake
4ish - ½ shake
6/7pm - a meal made from one the recipes in the book (tonights will be turkey kebabs with rice)
9pm - fruit

In between i have lots of coffee with milk and 2-3 litres of water, maybe a coke zero and a cup of boullion if I need it.
I lost 1lb this week but am definitely losing as my home scales have moved down even more this morning.

Not saying that i haven't felt hungry sometimes but i did notice it was definitely worse on the days i started my day with cereal or if I had pasta or CD bars.
Hope this helps, good luck for this week!