New to this

Hello everyone

I’m completely new to this so any help would be so much appreciated.

I’m currently on week 2.5 of Exante 800 and I seem to be doing ok…….but this week I’m losing focus and really craving meat. I’m doing Exante 800 7 days a week and have lost 11lbs but got a long way to go.

Has anyone else lost focus this early or is it just my will power losing will power 😆.
Hi, how are you doing? I tried Extante but did not get on too well with it, to be honest I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and now in mid40s I’m finding it really difficult!
Lost about 2 stone last year but slowly creeping up again! Weighed in today at 13st10lbs, I can’t seem to get it on my badge???
Hoping to use this to help me get motivated again