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11/09/2008 2nd Weigh in

Hey, i had the same thing hun, and i know its disappointing.. i nearly gave up after 2 weeks of 2lb loss.. but then it was worth it as my 4th weigh in i lost 6lbs,and 5.5inchs from waist... Just hang on in there!
hey nicii, i had only a 3lb weight lost too.. maybe your storing water are you drinking enough? apparently i wasnt at first.. also remember your monthly cycle can make a difference each month to weight & bloating ect..also check your inch loss sometimes you can lose inches but not show on the scales. keep going im hoping for a big loss this week & youll probally find you have too.... good luck xx
That's spooky, as I was just about to put a similar post up. I lost 13 pounds on my first weigh in on Tuesday, now I know I shouldn't be weighing inbetween official WI's but who can resist. I wish I hadn't though, as I haven't even lost a pound. Very disheartening. Can't go on inch loss as didn't measure myself at the start. Anyway, we mustn't lose faith, keep strong, we will get there. Keep coming on here for supportx
sometimes with totm, i retain water the week before, then am back to normal weight by the time it starts.
if you have been drinking more than usual, this could explain it.
its not unusual for weight to flucuate up to 1/2 stone with totm and is more often than not water so should correct itself.
chin up
it happened to me too hun, but 13week in and ive lost over 3 and a half st, keep at it it will work its self out.

well done your doing just great.xx
Please try not to let it get to you. Im sure things will change over the coming weeks. Don't give up every week counts even two pounds! keep going and keep us posted x


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey Nicii, hope you are not too disapointed by the 2lbs just think though you have lost half a stone over 2 weeks, that's pretty good for any diet i've ever done before!! Keep going and it will all work itself out.

Thanks for all your support, my councller is on holiday so wont be weighed till then, think im over my intial shock and can t wait for my loss on next weigh in ,
xx good luck to you all xx
Your doing brilliantly, its the overall loss of weight and inches that matter, not our weekly weight. If your doing it (which you are) then it will come off.
Be happy x
Lynne x


Loves being slim!
Don't take it to heart, My 2nd weigh in was rubbish, her scales said I'd lost 1lb. But I'd just eaten and my bladder was fit to burst!
It picks up again, as I'm just about to hit a stone loss any day now, thats in 4 weeks!

Good luck with the next weigh in!!!
I had my 2nd weigh in last night and i am very dissapointed,
I have stuck to the SS to the book and only lost 2lb,
I know i am due in soon but not for another week.
I hoped to lose more, like i want to reach my goal weight tomorrow.
But i realize that as much as i hoped for a greater loss on my Day 9 weigh-in, this is still one of the fastest ways to lose weight.
I have looked at so many peoples weight losses on this forum and see that all losses vary greatly from week to week. I set a target , but realize that i have to accept and carry on.
Nicii, just hold on to my shirt tail as i continue on the same SS road.:)

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