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12 stone 5lbs to lose

Last year I started on slimming world and did pretty well on it in the first few months, then for the rest of the year my weight was like a yoyo, up and down until it went up and stayed up as I'd lost focus and motivation yet again.

So, this morning I got back on the scales for the first time since around about the middle of november I think and was disappointed in myself to find that yes I'd piled back on almost all of the weight I'd worked so hard to lose last year. The only good thing in this was that I hadn't actually got heavier than I was at the start of 2012.

I've figured out that if we need fertility treatment when we start trying for a baby after our wedding in july, to be lower than a bmi of 35 I need to lose 12 stone and 5lbs. I have to say it feels really daunting admitting that I need to lose almost half of my body weight before I can even take the first step if we need fertility treatment.

But this time I mean it, I don't think I've ever been this serious about anything before.
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Hi, you sound exactly like me :) I joined slimming world in 2010 and lost 4 stone up until last summer. I gave up and just enjoyed the summer then went on a shake diet for a bit but gained it all. I'm gutted I have gained most of the weight I lost on slimming world but not all of it :) I had still kept 1.5 stone off so decided to join weight watchers last week and have lost half a stone in my first week.

I have been told that I don't ovulate because of my weight so I need to get my BMI down to 30 which means losing 7st :S if I do that then they will give me clomid to see if that works. I have to do it now because I'm not getting any younger and a baby would complete our family.

Here's to taking each day as it comes and working hard to get our BFP's :) x
Hi ladies i feel your pain, me and my fiance have been trying for a baby for almost two years. The full first year i didnt get even 1 period and then in august 2011 i got 1 and the every 2 months {oct, dec, feb} however after feb 2012 didnt get one till july 2012 and then haven't had one since :sigh:.

Decided it was about time to get my ass in gear. Joined ww last night and im 21st 7.5lbs :(. I'm 23 and have been with my fiance (great man) for 5 1/2 years. Hoping to get down to 10stone over the next 2years. My target date is 1/1/2015. Hopefully if i can get there my fertility might kick back into gear or at the very least then i'd qualify for fertility treatments if needed. Fingers crossed next week at my wi i'll have lost something to get me started on this journey.

ShakeEmUp i know what you mean about it being daunting, i felt so hopeless when she first told me my weight last night {hadn't weighed myself in 4 yrs but thought i was 20st max} but my ww leader was lovely and she said don't think about how many stone overall and that its just a number, she said just focus on a smaller number like 1 - 2 and make 1-2lbs your target per week. And when you think about it if we lost 2lbs per week and 50 weeks left in 2013 that 100lbs or 7st 2lbs :eek:.

All i know is that if i want the family i've always dreamed of i need to do this. One little step at a time. Hope your ok hun we're all here to support you xXx
I turned 29 a week ago, so I'm not getting any younger. My periods have also stopped because of my weight, which is what's given me the kick up the backside again to get things moving. I think within about 2 months of being on slimming world last time they had started coming back. I actually feel really disappointed in myself that I've let it get back to this level again, but am determined to do something about it and finally stick to it once and for all
I felt the same i couldnt believe that i had let it get so far. I'd tried to lose weight before but if i'm totally honest with myself i know i never really gave it much effort but like you this time i feel strangely determined. I read a good quote online that said "Don't sacrifice what you want most for what you want now" so for the last week and a half everytime i nearly slip and want some choc or crisps i tell myself what i want most is a baby and what i want now is the crisps and am i willing to sacrifice having a baby for some crisps. Its worked for me so far anyway although as i said its only been 1 1/2 weeks so early days yet. I'm rooting for you hun xXx
Course i don't mind hun anything that helps you is no problem with me. :)
Not yet i only joined this site 3days ago and i think i need 20 posts befoe i can start a diary or a thread etc but as soon as i can i'll let you know :). I'll post my weight loss on this thread too after my 1st wi next week. Are you doing any slimming clubs or doing it yourself?
I think I'm going to follow slimming world again as I did do really well on it last year, but I'll be doing it from home. I'm not sure whether to sign up online or not as this place is such a huge help I think I can follow it without their website :)

I'm pretty sure you can start a diary (I started one on my first post when I joined the other day under a new username) and then you could always have it moved to the members only section if you wanted later on?
Oh right i'll start one now so. I joined ww yesterday, i think it'll help me knowing someone else is seeing my weight each week, it makes me feel more accountable for my actions. I'm the same about the online forum for ww i prefer this site and sure it has a sw and ww section anyway. :)
Hi ladies, I'm 30 so we really are quite alike. We have been ttc for nearly 2 years now and I have a period every few months. We can so this! I'm aiming for 1-2lb a week so I'm not put off. Aiming for 3/5lb just sets me up for a fall. I hope to get to my target by next Christmas.

Whilst were sharing....my motto is...."Dieting is hard! Being fat is hard! Choose your hard :)
Haha i love it TriedThemAll. I think the 1-2lbs is perfect too. Its seemed so little to me at first but as tesco says "Every little helps" :D{Couldn't resist hehehe}
Haha ur on a roll!

Our group leader made 1-2lb sound amazing the way she put it. She said...if we lose 1lb a week then that's 4stone by Xmas and if we lose 2lb a week, that's 8stone! Doesn't sound like a small amount any more does it :)
Definately. It really is achievable and to be honest this site is a godsend to me because even though 1-2lbs didn't seem as daunting deep down i was still so scared that i wouldn't be able to do it or at least not long term but coming across the WeMITTS forum in particular and seeing threads from members who have done it makes it better.

emily - Good luck to you too hun i'm routing for all of us xXx

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