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12 weeks on David Lloyds Lose & Shape Up

Well, after just short of a year on Slimming World, I have decided to shake things up a bit and change to the lose and shape up programme at my gym.

Its a 12 week programme and involves a 2 hour session each week which includes one hour in the gym plus an hour of weighing with nutritional advice. There are four of us in our group so its a nice size and all the ladies are lovely.

In addition to that I have booked a set of 12 Personal Training sessions. My first is at 7am on Friday morning.:eek:

My starting weight is 14 stone 2. That makes me 3 stone 9 and a half pound lighter than when I started Slimming World 11 months ago. Of course I am very pleased with that loss but I haven't really lost anything for about 6 months so a change was needed.

And here I am. Lets see what my first week brings......
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I have had a good couple of days. Its wierd swapping from Slimming World but to be honest, this is not that different. Its like Slimming World with a sporty twist.

Had steamed fish and steamed carrots, brocoli and courgette tonight. It was delicious. I'd forgotten how much more tasty veg is when its steamed instead of boiled.

I even ate musili for breakfast and it was very nice. I had fat free yoghurt instead of milk.

For lunch it was a wholegrain bagel with ham.

Too many snacks for me though which is the problem with working late as come 5.30ish I get hungry and chocolate or snack-a-jacks are an easy grab.

Did have my 5 a day though which is a target for this week.


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Heya hun :)
Good to see you back in action!
It's always good to mix things up, and this new group sounds really good. It must be nice to have a support group like that, where there's enough people to really talk to, but not so many as you feel like just another number.
Hope that you have a good PT session :)
Thanks Pink.

Well the PT sessions did not get off to a good start as the trainer didn't turn up!

The girls on reception told me that she had phoned in to say her car had broken down.

Luckily I had taken my iphone with the C25K app on which I re-started a few weeks back. I did the next step on that which was week 2 day 2. It was a bit tough as there had been nearly two weeks since I did week 2 day 1 but I did it. It is far more difficult without music (biazarre but true!) and I did not take my headphones as I was expecting to have the PT shouting in my ears.

Hopefully it will be a one-off and she will be there next Friday so I can get into a routine.
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Thanks RR.

Well, as my new job has taken over my life, I am finding it difficult to stay on plan. I have been getting home from work about 9ish and am now at uni two nights a week so my eating pattern is all wierd.

I need to plan more effectively as come 5 pm at work, I start snacking on chocolate and snakajacks. Perhaps I need a bigger lunch but that is not easy to prepare in an office kitchen.

I have even thought about meal replacement shakes once a day. The idea does not appeal really but it would fit in with my current lifestyle and so am going to consider it with my Lose Up and Shape lady this week. (David Lloyd promote the Herbalife shakes).

I did get to the gym yesterday morning though for my 7am session. I got there early and completed day 3 of week 2 C25K. When my trainer turned up, she had me doing 10 mins on the stepper (ouch) then some bizarre circuit which had me doing squat thrusts (not a pretty sight!) and other bits including running up and down the gym stairs. Boy, did my legs wobble on the last run up the stairs! I then did some stuff with the medicine ball which was fun before stretching out.

My legs hurt today but I have booked up for an extra session on Monday at 7am.

If only weight loss was not 80% diet and only 20% exercise. :D


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Wow, that gym work out sounds mad, I'm sure it will have done you loads of good though, well done for sticking to the exercise so well ;)

A meal replacement shake might be the thign for you. Could you not just pack 2 slightly smaller lunches though? Like, have one at lunch and one when you're peckish at 5? Might be cheaper than the shakes?

Hope you have a good week :)

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