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1200 vs 1400???

I'm in a pickle :( technically I should be eating around 1200 to lose weight etc but I really hate being on 1200. I find it cuts so many choices out and I end up as a carb free zone which really doesn't seem to suit my body (fatigue grumpiness dizziness and constipation) so I'm trialling 1400 to see how it goes (so far pretty well). I have a quite stressfull busy life (who doesn't??) and I really don't want to set myself up to fail again this time!!

There's ups and downs to both but do you think it's reasonable to see how I get on with 1400 and if I plateau I can always start on 1200? I'm aware it will come off slower but I'm fine with that. I lost 5 st really unhealthily last yr and have rebounded 2 of those!! So slow is good!!
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If your hungrier on 1200 its a sure sign you need to stay on 1400. If you exercise and run around a lot then you probably are burning more calories off than you think.
I would certainly stay on what you are happy with, as you may feel the need to fill up and go off plan, so i think your doing the right thing.
Good luck with your weight loss :0)
You should say 1400, BUT if you eat 1200 and are full, then you shouldn't force yourself to eat the extra 200. So it can be a 'just incase' bank of calories. Good luck, like people have said, we're all here for you :)
I like the idea of the just in case bank :) my husband pointed out last night that last time I was on 1200 I was doing a really intense training programme too and my crazy trainer had told me all I could eat extra was a banana! Reading round here I think that was bad advice! Net calories of under 1200 is bad right? Some days I was only coming in at 700/800 so no wonder I was starving!

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Hi i use a website called food focus its free to register and its a bit like fitness pal but it hasnt got a forum but i dont need one because ive got minimins anyway it calculates my cals and deducts them as i log them its great it tells you your allowance as well.:D
I think 1400cals is alot more sensible and you will still lose alot of weight from doing that long term. If you hit a plateau maybe you should try zig zagging your cals with 1400 one day, 1200 then next then 1300 the next so that your body doesn't get used to it, also if one day a week you go up to 1800 cals (on a bad day) you still wont gain weight but it will slow your progress slightly.

You could easily burn the extra 200 cals as well if you want to lose weight at a faster rate of maybe 2lbs a week, with just half hour of exercising. I have my own cross trainer at home that i try to go on every day for 30mins and this burns 300calories.


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I agree if you eat enough of the right kind of calorie you shouldn't feel hungry yet still lose.
Like Chocaslim, I count my calories with Food Focus & would recommend it.

Good luck & let us know how you get on.
I've been using fitness pal for a while and it's really good for forcing me to eat my exercise cals lol it tells you off if your not doing it haha. I'm setting 1400 as my limit but doing the 1200 when I can! It's sooooo much easier when there's lovely exercise cals to eat!! Makes me want to get in the gym early so I can eat well all day lol I lost 2.6 lbs last week on the higher limit so we'll see how that goes!

I'm quite good at making good food choices (except the 160 cals of coffee a day which I CANNOT give up!!! It's a food group!!!) what I'm really bad at is BALANCE. I can either eat like an angel or binge like a demon! There is no little treat for me just pigging out! That's what I want to change most! I want to be able to have the odd cream cake but stop at one not a box!

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I too would stay at 1400... no point under eating, getting demotivated and falling off the wagon in spectacular style! Depending on your body you may find you also don't lose at 1200... I tried 1200 (plus gym) for about 2 weeks and ended up putting on weight. Spoke to a couple of professionals about it and they said I was severely undereating and said to look at the Harris Benedict equation and this seems to be about right for me (1500).

Good luck! xx
I'm sticking well to 1400 but this time round I'm sooo much hungrier than last time I dieted!! There's been some tricky moments when I've planned badly and got way too hungry but think I'm getting there!!!

Could I be more hungry because I'm nowhere near as big this time? It's my husbands theory that I don't have the 'fat reserves' I had last time lol his words not mine!!!! In fact this Train of thought led him to ponder whether us larger ppl will inherit the earth after the next cataclysmic natural disaster!! He claims the skinny ones will starve quicker!!!

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Haha - LOVING that theory - quick girls, stop the diets! We have a world to dominate ;o) xx

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