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125lbs to go

Hey everyone :D

Another centurion here :D
I'm officially restarting tomorrow though I started planning to diet around 2 weeks ago.
My first 2 weeks are always really hard, and it takes time for me to get used to exercise and gym'ing etc, but hopefully, I will stick it out this time.

Support would be appreciated, and a telling off once in a while ;)

Good luck to everyone xx
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goodluck chicka xx
Thank you for the support all you lovely people :)

i've never been so glad to get to friday! it's been one assignment after another this week, and got another 3 next week BUT i haven't been stress bingeing, which is what I normally do.
I sneakily jumped on the scales and they showed a 4.5lb loss :D. let's hope that sticks till monday's official weigh in :D
thanks for the support
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