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  1. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    2.6 gone for good! :bliss:

    That puts me just 3 pounds away from 4 stone!!! And I thought I might not get past 2!! Yeesss! The curse is indeed broken!

    And I am 2.5 pounds away from entering the 15 stone marks!

    I may just make that goal of 5 Stone before I go home! Fingers crossed! It won't deflate me if I don't - it would just be nice. :)

    So yeah - a very good week. :)

    Our last meeting next week- then its sailing into foundation. We are merging with 3 or 4 other women from another group. Hopefully we will all gel together swiftly!!

    Can't wait till next week to see the before/after pics! She was going to show us tonight but I want to wait right till the end!

    Time for a shake-a-rooni!

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  3. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Way to go BL... fab news... well pleased for you :D
  4. cookey

    cookey Full Member

    Good on ya girl xxx
  5. Kellie=]

    Kellie=] Silver Member

    well done BL!
    You will be at 5 stones before you know it- and your family in America will be immensly proud like we all are hunny :) xxx
  6. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    congratulations BL you deserve success in your life and you are giving it to yourself. Good for you
  7. lola123

    lola123 Silver Member

    :wow:Well done BL, 3lbs away from your 4 stoner, thats ace, Ive got three weeks to go before week 13 and hope I can reach that far, fingers crossed :D:talk017:
  8. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Thank you everyone. Each week I am more amased then the week before that I am into this 13 weeks and still going strong!!

    I have said it once before, and I will say it again, and no doubt again and again....I could not have gotten into this and stuck with it without all the fab support here.

    Thanks everyone....I really mean that!!!
  9. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    :clap: brilliant BL - bet you are sooooooo made up :D I think you should go into a veg shop this week and take a good look at a 56lb sack of spuds .... cos that's what you'll have lost in no time at all :)
  10. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Hey Katie - funny you should say that!

    Yesterday I got out a new bag of cat food - had been getting smaller bags but found out we could order a larger bag so I did. I picked it up from under the sink, and its heavy!! I looked at the weight - 3.5 kilos!!!!! I did the math, and figured out I have lost SEVEN of those babies!!! That was a real eye opener!!! That is a lot!! Just the one bag felt heavy - sp 7 of them is great, and I can just see little smiling faces forming on my joints. :D

    Yep. Chuffed indeed. :)

  11. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.


    That should say DEVELOPMENT!!!! I ALWAYS get that backwards!!!! :eek::p:D
  12. gazz

    gazz Full Member

    well done ! Soon be on the Harley !!!
  13. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Cheers Gazz!! :)

    I'd be on it if the blumin parts would come in.....got a bent valve. :(
  14. ladylite

    ladylite Gold Member

    Great news BL


  15. Donnalou86

    Donnalou86 Striving for slimness

    Fantastic BL!! You gonna blow them away when you go home! xx
  16. x-Katie-x

    x-Katie-x Gold Member

    LOL well if you think those cat food bags are amazing def check out the spuds! I still find it mad to think that overall I've lost more than one of those - really is scary when you see them.

    So when is it likely the bike will be up and running? Is it likely to be soon or will you be missing out for a while yet? I went out last night for the first time since my fall off - was petrified at first but kept going and all was well ;)
  17. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Thanks Lady and Donna! :) And Katie - I will look for one of those big bags of spuds next time I am shopping....ini say what - June, July?? :D

    Glad you got out on your bike! Mine should hopefully be fixed this week. Parts are due anyday nowl Fingers crossed!!! :D

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