Week 2 weigh in!


Hello all.
I hope we are all well and doing ok.

So today was my 2nd weigh in. My weigh in is at 5:30pm so it is hard to try and eat the right foods before a weigh in. I stay away from carbs on a Monday if I can. But the week in general has been hard.

I have had a lot of stress with working towards a level 3, working, assessments at work, deadlines, tried to order a sofa, which was a epic fail as prices had gone up, so after my customer sulk ended up going some where else and I ended up getting a cold with nasty cough. So by Friday night and Saturday I wanted CAKE!!!!!!! I was good I only had a tiny bit at a family birthday party.

Anyway I thought it would be 1lb which to me is pretty much nothing... but I weighed in at 2 1/2 lbs down. Getting my half stone reward. so in all happy days but I need to work hard if I want another 2 weeks with same lose of 7lbs!


Have a good week everyone! 😁
Hi Tb37,

I have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow night and I'm doing my best to stay away from carbs too. I was the same over the weekend feeling quite sick and I indulged in a bit of chocolate so I am dreading tomorrow!!

But as my leader told me "No matter what the scales say.....remember when you step off it's a new week and you're stepping into next week's success"

Congratulations on the 1/2 stone reward!!
Hello, Loreabelle

How did weigh in go?

I like the quote from your leader I will remember that! I did have a cheat day after weigh best chicken burger and chips ever! but now I have to get that weigh off plus the extra for week lol I need to stop doing treat day Monday, or at least swap a huge take away to something smaller.

Nice to see we have started same time. what is your target? Mine is 12 stone, I want a 2 stone loss first then I will see how feel. My first time at SW 4 years ago I had this huge target of 4/5 stone and I got to 3 stone loss and I was never hitting my target, it was very frustrating. This time round its the weight I gained and the stone i never lost last time.