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Lose a stone in a week diet

After a heavy bank holiday weekend I’ve spent the last couple of hours googling ways to have a good kick start to a diet. I’ve always struggled in the past with motivation and never really stuck to any diet for more than a week before being tempted by that glass of wine/take away/bar of chocolate and then it’s downhill from that moment on!

Came across the lose a stone in a week and so, bracing myself, am going to start it tomorrow. Thought I’d post my progress here to try and keep myself accountable!

I know losing that much weight so quickly is frowned upon but I have a date in about a week and a half, and a holiday in 2, and really want to feel my best. So needs must 😎.

Anyone with any experience of it please get in touch!

Will post my start weight tomorrow.
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Good luck if you can loss a stone in a week. It won't be fat you lose but water weight. :)
A stone in week even if it’s watwr I doubt you’ll lose 14 lbs water but I’ve lost 10 lbs in ketogenic plans in a week before
Let us know what’s involved ?
It's possible I suppose. If you are quite large, retaining a lot of fluid, and decide not to drink sufficent water. Not balanced or healthy though. Any VLCD low-carb or keto diet will show a massive loss in the first week (with a safe and healthy water intake) - usually about 6-10lbs. After that you will lose about 3-4lbs a week. But when you stop, the water bounce back will add back on around 6-7lbs (not your fault, it's just biology). But I'm not sure that you should even be attempting something that is more extreme than Lipotrim, without some sort of professional medical support or at least their knowledge? And in this heat? My advice would be to go with Cambridge, Exante, Lipotrim, LighterLife - something like that.
Thanks all for your replies! This is the diet

The average loss in the reviews I’ve read seem to be between 7 and 10 pounds, which will do me as a start. I’ve tried exante before, but in this heat couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm to go back on it! And at least I figured with this one I’ll be having more fruit and salad than I have in a year! Embarrassingly breakfast of late (if I’ve had it) has tended to be a bag of crisps, I’ve always had terrible eating habits.
I’m going to drink lots of water in between meals.

So this morning I weighed - 13 stone 4. I’m 5’7. Had my breakfast of toast and tomato, which actually wasn’t too bad, and a cup of black coffee. Was a little late with lunch but just had a huge fruit salad, and have decided that carting a suitcase of files up a hill is my exercise for the day!

Am meeting friends this evening and have persuaded them to join me in an egg salad (although I’m anticipating theirs will also be accompanied by other stuff).

Will post again tomorrow!
You lose glycion stores and water in. Week one and when you stop if you don’t do the steps you’ll gain it all back in week one
Your attitude is great though so good luck.
My friends were great and joined me in the salad and grilled chicken, with sparkling water 😆.

Woken up this morning really tired but weighing 13 stone 2 - I wouldn’t usually weigh daily but since this is only for a week I’d quite like to see how things change on a regular basis.

Currently having my black coffee and grapefruit waiting for my egg to boil, feeling a bit like I’m part of some experiment! I’m going to have steak and salad for lunch today rather than for dinner (when I’ll have the fruit) as I’m out with some work colleagues.

It’s funny, getting below 13 stone has always been a bit of a mental block for me - my weight’s fluctuated over the years between 13 and 14 stone but I’ve never got below that magic number. I’m hoping if I can do it this week, even if it’s water weight, it’s going to motivate me to do what I need to do to not go above it again.
So here I am, back with my grapefruit waiting for my egg to boil. Weighed this morning, 13 stone and a quarter, so just shy of 4 pounds since Tuesday.

I had a head ache by the end of th day yesterday, although have to say I haven’t been hungry. Today I’ll up my water intake and look forward to my lamb chops tonight! Interestedly I slept really well last night, I usually have trouble switching my mind off, have done for years. Last night was the first night I can remember where I got in to bed and within a few moments was asleep, and then felt ready to get up this morning.

Will see what today brings! A colleague’s birthday in work - I must resist cake!
Haven’t posted in a couple of days - yesterday and today I have weighed 12 stone 11. Quite pleased with that given I took my Dad for lunch yesterday and ended up joining him on the pizza buffet!

So 7 pounds gone, two days to go. I genuinely haven’t felt hungry at all, and after a couple of days of having headaches in the evening they cleared up too. I’m going to carry on low carb until my holiday next weekend, and then gradually introduce them again. Now I’ve got past my 13 stone wall, I don’t want to breach it again!
Hiya Lala

Thanks for your message - I ended up not being very good at posting here! I ended up 9 pounds down, so not quite the stone but still very pleased with it! I haven to gone too mad since the week finished - I haven’t really missed bread or potatoes etc, so have carried on being quite healthy and have stayed the same weight so far. I’m glad I’ve done it!


That's really good that you've managed to keep the 9lbs off - I'd love to lose that in a week! x
wow thats really good! WELL DONE!! i need to do the diet plan you have been doing! i want to loose another stone before i got away but its only 7weeks away now :( any advice. I'm doing slimming world at the moment.!
I did it a couple of years ago and lost 11lbs and kept it off I was also 2.5 stone lighter then. I find it really flattens your belly! Even after this week my belly had gone down,no bloating and it my TOM!! Starting again today to do it properly last week I just had to ease myself into it because I've been eating like a pig for months and couldn't cope with the shock of it straight away haha. Keeping busy helps to take mind off food so I'm going to plan my week out and try knock afew things off my to do list and finish Xmas shopping.

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