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14 weeks to our wedding

good afternoon all I'm here needing some serious help me and oh get married in 14 weeks and I am 2 stone 4 off target and oh is 3stone 9 pounds so a combine weight loss of 5 stone 13 pounds holy cow! I need all the guidance and support to keep me and oh on straight and narrow this is one day I do not want to regret. I've done Cambridge several times this year and failed because we have messed about thinking we have all the time in the world we tried slimming world and again messed about I am the heaviest I've been since starting Cambridge. So I vow to update daily and I vow that when I feel like eating I phone my Cambridge counsellor or I come on here. I hope I can rely on you wonderful people to keep it real for me. I could shed a thousand tears I'm on day 1 saw Cambridge lady today so this is it x x sorry for the long post x
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Good luck! You sound like you're really determined this time so I'm sure you'll do great!

Remember to get lots of support from here!

Will look forward to hearing your success story!
thank you I hope so I know what it will do to me if I'm upset at my weight! I wouldn't be able to cope so I'm stocking up on water and the perfectly clear strawberry and kiwi it's ok cos it's made with malic acid not citric. Drink drink drink till I shrink haha you look to have done well 18pounds in 3 weeks is fabulous I'm not pinning any hopes to anything a loss is all I need x x


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I didn't know that about Perfectly Clear - thanks for that, it'll make water less boring! I've got the orange water flavour from CDC but strawberry and kiwi will make a nice change!

I know what you mean about not pinning hopes on a particular loss. I'm only just starting to get a wee bit more confident that I will actually lose weight each week! I just updated my stats this morning to show a target weight. It's pretty scary but at least I'm recognising my goal.

Keep focussed - you'll do great! And remember to post some pics of you on the big day!!
Good morning so day 1 complete and on to day 2 although i will be sleeping most of it since i was on nights one more night to do then im back on days whey hey.... pretty pleased since someone bought doritos chocs and so fourth i sat unhappy drinking water and sipping black tea thinking wait till im on day 3 keep thinking day 3 il not be hungry hehe anyway i hope everyone else has a very good cambridge day im going to have porridge and get some zzzz sleep some fat off hehe x:cool:
evening all terrible headache. I'm going to get weighed it's the booster I need oh has lost 7 pounds already! How does that work I've kept up with drinking my water. The less time on sole source the better I can't wait to do add a meal and 1000 cals my god! The problem last time was I didn't build up properly so I think as I progress closer to target il up my gym attendance. All good on paper but need to make it a reality. We have to do 1000 cal menu on Friday because we are out drinking and apparently if you are in ketosis it can cause u to go into a deep coma LOL yes I want to be thin but not do something like that so I'm following counsellor advice. This is a social event we can't cancel haha x x how's everyones day been so far?? X


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Hey how did you go at the weigh in?

A friend of mine did Cd with her hubby and lost a total of 8stone between them, him 5 stone and her 3, that was however on SS so a lot quicker loss, they did all that in 15 weeks. They helped each other get through, and just did not buy any food at all, so no temptations.

The headache either means you are either not drinking enough water, or if you are, then you are in ketosis (fabulous)

Hope you do really well, keep posting and thinking of the wedding, it will keep you going

Morning I'm on my night break. I drink plenty of water too much 6-8 pints a day. So I got weighed 5 and 3/4 in a day it's great. I don't mind the sole source I just need todo the maintenance right then I can finally let go of weight issues I don't want to spend my life counting calories or sole sourcing. Already feeling better. I'm aiming for new stone ground woo hoooo il update later. X

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