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18 Years Old/25 Stone. Hi All =)


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Hi George,

I'm also new here. I was a member last year, but like you, I struggle with motivation and I gave up. I'm 21 years old and I'm 17 and a half stone.

I found this forum extremely helpful when I was a regular member last year, so make the most of it. Everyone here is really friendly and helpful.

You've taken the first step, by seeing your doctor. Stick with it, and great things will happen. Good luck, I hope to follow your journey and see great results in the future :)
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Hey George!

I am 27 and funnily enough I am around 27 stones!

You will find a lot of help here and whenever you feel down and ready to eat, check the success stories and you will find that inspiration you need.

Have you considered doing Cambridge weight plan?
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Hi George, what a fantastic post...and you sound like a lovely guy. Well done on reaching the decision to take control of your life and to really start LIVING it. I've been overweight most of my adult life and regret not sorting myself out years ago. I wish you all the best with your quest to lose weight by whatever means suits you best. I have just started slimming world which I understand is sometimes recommended by gp's. In fact I believe some gp surgeries will pay for you to attend s/w for 12 wks but it depends if you live in certain areas.
Look forward to following your journey x
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Hi George,
Well done for telling your story so well,there is fantastic support in here,u've taken the biggest most important step,doing something about it:D
I also have loads to lose,100 lbs to be exact,long journey ahead of me ...
I love the boards here ,there always some
little nuggets of inspiration...
keep reading...jen:D


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Hi George, I'm also a newbie. You tell your story so well and I'm sure many people will see themselves in it. The problem you are having with your younger brother, I am having similar but with my 8 year old son. My weight problem is getting in the way of doing family activities with him and sports (which I always took him to play football and basketball when I was lighter).

There are amazing people on this site and support everywhere you look. As long as we can all stick together and speak up if advice or help is needed, we will all succeed in our weight management challenges. :D

I send luck your way and look forward to reading your next post :)
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Your replies to this thread mean a whole lot to me! Today, the first day of change in my life has gone well so far.. I haven't been tempted to snack and I've eaten healthily.
College tomorrow & so that will also take my mind off things..
Thank you for all your kind words :D


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Hi George -
New member here, too. It's that first step that's the hardest and, while excited about changing, I'm terrified of attending my first Slimming World group tonight! I just feel that the motivation of being part of a group will really help me.
I'm 26 and I wish that I'd had the courage to start when I was your age. Well done, and good luck!
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Hi Little sausage,

Don't be scared of S/W!!! You will love it! Everyone who is there will be there for a different reason...but you all have the same goal...to lose weight sensibly and become more healthy. So all those people will support you all the way as they all know how you are feeling! Good luck and enjoy yourself!!!

George, well done so far x
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Hello George

I'm new today and like you have a long road ahead of me (unlike you I am not 18 :) ) You sound great and you've made a positive start. I hope we can both succeed together. Off to post my own introductory thread.
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Hi all, thanks again for the kind words! Today has been a fantastic start. I'm feeling really positive. I've had two batches of exercise & I've not even been tempted to cheat. I know it will get hard at times, but I'm prepared for that & with support from family, friends & people here I know I'm more than capable of success.
The pro's outway the con's 1000 to 1.
I wish you all the best of luck in your first week! We can do this, together!
I visit my grandparents every Friday & they have a fantastic new set of scales.. So I'll let you all know on Friday how well my first week has gone both psychologically & physically.

Change has come! :D:D:D


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Good luck George! I'm looking forward to hearing the result of your first week on Friday :) Well done for the two lots of exercise too!
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hi george welcome to minimins u will get loads of help and advice on here (even if u don't want any lol) good luck losing the lbs