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18stone 2lb...too far! - My diary

I wrote this on my blog but I think it's probably easier to keep it here. So here is last nights entry:

Tonight I weighed myself. I weigh 18stone 2pounds. I’ve been aware for a long time that my weight has been increasing but it has once again got to a point where I’ve stopped weighing myself and just hoped I will find a quick fix.

About 2 years ago using Lipotrim I got down from 18stone 11pounds to 16stone 3pounds in 5 weeks. I felt great. I looked great. But lately ever since I’ve slowly piled it back on. I’m less confident. I’m unhappy and I don’t feel I can do anything until I lose some weight again. I’d love to be skinny and thin but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m not active enough to do that. Being big all my life meant I’ve no real interest in sport and I hate the gym. But I would be happy at about 15stone. I’m sure once I get to that I’ll aim for lower but at the moment 15 is my target. Before tonight I’ve always used quick fixes. I’ve been looking at Stackers for weeks. Thinking about Lipotrim. Herbalife. Lighterlife. Now I realise that it’s all wrong and I need to readdress the relationship I have with food the hard way. I’ve got amazing will power to not eat at all on Lipotrim, but I have no restraint in normal circumstance. So I need to teach myself to have some.

As of tomorrow I’m once again turning over a new leaf. But this time I want help and support from an online community of people trying to do the same. I have my family but they are too nice and don’t understand. They wont tell me to stop eating or that I’m doing wrong, but I figure if I write it I’ll see it for myself.

So today at 1.53 on 27th November 2010 I’m a 22 year old male and I weigh 18st 2lb. I’m asthmatic, I have high blood pressure and I feel uncomfortable. I carry the weight ok but I’m only 5.10 tall so not amazingly. I want to be slimmer.
It’s my birthday in about 6 weeks. I would LOVE to be 17st exact by that point. But I’m skint at present so I can’t afford the gym. We’ve got a Wii and I’m going to walk as much as possible. I’m also going to set myself some meal requirements on here and then report back on whether I’ve stuck to it or not.

I’m going to weigh myself once a week either a Friday night or Saturday morning.

Tomorrow I will ONLY eat:
Breakfast – 50 g porridge and a banana with a cup of tea (no sugar)
Snack – An apple and celery stick with a pint of water
Lunch – Drained tuna with salad and BBQ sauce and a pint of water
Snack – A Satsuma and a pint of water
Dinner – Lamb vegetable stew and small serving of rice with natural yogurt and a pint of water

I’m expecting to feel VERY hungry tomorrow. I always try to stick to this in my head but I sneak in a biscuit with a cup of tea or a small sandwich whilst I cook my lunch!

I've signed up to an online food dairy on foodfocus.co.uk and will be writing my blog daily...I hope!

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Welcome and good luck with your journey to fabulousness!!! x
Thanks! Here's my summary of day 1.

First day went really well - I think!

I kept to my plan from last night but I did add a couple of things....

I had a slice of toast with my lunch and some salad cream - dry tuna just wasn't very nice!

My mum came back form maderia with a small cake for me so I had a TINY slither of that too.

I've added it all to my food diary and the calorie calculator reckons I've had about 1400 calories today.

I weighed everything so I could be sure and hammered the water. I felt like I had a lot more energy than usual and I got hunger pains! Something I've not had in a long time. I usually just eat all day and graze on biscuits and left overs.

Tomorrow I will ONLY eat:

Breakfast - Porridge with cinammon and apple and a cup of tea.

Snack - Celery and carrot sticks

Lunch - Soup (whole can 206 calories) and a roll with a mixed salad.

Snack - Satsuma and a cup of tea

Dinner - Lamb date tagine with cous cous.

I will also drink 4 pints of water. I think setting myself a daily menu really helps!
Sounds like you have got off to a great start, just take it one day at a time and before you know it you've managed a week, then a month, then two, etc, etc, etc. x
Hiya...glad your first day went well.

You're right about tuna being a bit ick when its dry. I use extra light mayo...only 12 cals in a tablespoon!

Setting yourself a menu can work but don't be so strict that you cannot vary if you want something else when it actually comes to eating.


I'm going to try and be as flexible as I can without eating rubbish.

Liking the food diary though, it's really useful. I had no idea about calories before but when you've got to make your meals and see where the calories go you realise that a bit of cheese etc really doesn't make any difference to the tase but whacks on far too many calories!

Goodluck everyone!
Cheese is horrendous...I REALLY wanted a cheese and tomato sandwich last week so looked up the calories YIKES! I still had it but then had a very light dinner of just seasoned vegetables (which i do like) But I wont be doing it often...500 calories for one sandwich!
CatCrazy, a cheese sandwich made with a pre-sliced slice of half-fat cheddar and two slices of Nimble or WW bread and a faint smear of benecol is only about 180Kcal, maybe 200 with a tomato (don't count the lettuce of course).

Ok, you can't buy this while you're out, but if you have it when you get home you might at least satisfy the craving so you don't notice the high calorie cheese&tom sandwiches you can buy.
Just noticed how well you've done on your ticker! Congrats! 2stone in 12weeks ia really good. How many calories do you restrict yourself to?
I'm on 1200 a day but tend to be around the 1100 mark. I don't eat my exercise calories (not that I do much lol!) and I can honestly say I've never gone hungry. Or felt deprived (well maybe a little on my birthday but posting a loss was more important to me than a chow mein!) I'm lucky that I love veggies and can quite easily tuck into a whole heaped plateful with a tablespoon of olive spread and garlic/cayenne/pepper. YUM!

CatCrazy, a cheese sandwich made with a pre-sliced slice of half-fat cheddar and two slices of Nimble or WW bread and a faint smear of benecol is only about 180Kcal, maybe 200 with a tomato (don't count the lettuce of course).

Ok, you can't buy this while you're out, but if you have it when you get home you might at least satisfy the craving so you don't notice the high calorie cheese&tom sandwiches you can buy.
Yes, i know but I rarely have cheese (not keen on it generally) so just buy standard for the family. Also buy standard sized loaves...when my 16 year old can pack away 6 slices of toast in a sitting its not worth buying half loaves. It was literally a one off but is still scary amount of calories as I really had no idea cheese was quite that bad! It was just the ticket tho...felt like the cat that had the cream after :D

I've never yet gone over calories, if i want something I will have it but will make changes to other meals...just hope I never get a craving after i've eaten my days calories lol!
Good luck 18. Let us know how u get on.

Today went well - added a SMALL bag of buttons and an oreo into my day, not amazing but only added upto 125cals.

Lentil soup is my new found thing I think! 180cals for the entire can and zero fat near enough.

My planner says I should eat 1800cals a day - I'm eating about 1400-1500, so hopefully that will be a low enough amount. Men get to eat more even when we diet yes?! Please?! :p
Yes men arent supposed to go below 1500-1600, women 1200. If you are very active then you may need to up it a bit but if youre feeling ok at that level then carry on. Starvation mode is a bit of a myth, providing you up your intake wisely when you get to goal then you WONT pile it all back on.

Check the recipe section here, Miss mango posted a curry lentil soup that is absolutely gorgeous and comes in around 80 cals for a bowl. Its become a staple on my menu. Even tweaked it and made it into a chilli lentil soup.

As for your 125 calorie treat Well done, I build a chocolate wafer (82 cals)and a pack of quavers (87 cals) in to every days meals. I don't always eat them but I can if i want and that keeps the cravings at bay.

Keep it up, can't wait to see your first loss...when do you weigh in?
Will have a look over the recipes! I'm lost on what to eat tomorrow so that should help.

Weigh in is on friday - that'll be my 7th Day so don't know whether to do it then or saturday morning?

VERY tempted to hop on the scales and see what I weigh now....
I always weigh in the morning...no point weighing in the evening when what you've eaten could make a difference. As in 1200 calories of fluid filled food will weigh more than drier food. Lol, may be I sound mad but it works for me!

I gotta admit I'm a scale hopper, practically every morning! Its taught me to understand and cope better with fluctuations although seeing a static and nothing in days was a major downer last week I could cope with it because I knew I'd been 100%. Seeing a slight loss every day is so motivating for me so I will continue to be a hopper but I admire your resolve...not even a peak. Well done
Yesterday and today went well...

Yesterday I had porridge then a baked potato with tuna salad and for dinner a chicken wrap with a salad and cous cous. Baked potato is a LOT of calories and it just doesn't seem worth it if I'm honest!

Today I had chocolate spread on toast...I shouldn't have but it was there and I had to! Then I went to have cream of mushroom soup - have any of you tried that?! It's disgusting! So after one spoonful I binned it and had a fishfinger butty - LOT NICER!

For dinner I had a chicken, mash and runner beans with gravy. Everyone else had roasties...was very jealous. I sneaked a small one but otherwise I was good!

Added the quavers to my diet now and again. But now I've discovered bacon and eggs isn't a lot of calories I'm looking forward to breakfast.

Hope you're all doing well!
I love baked potatoes but yes, they are a lot of calories especially as I cant eat them dry...so I've given those a miss since I started. I also think porridge is a fair amount too and it really doesn't keep me satisfied for long like everyone else claims...maybe my body uses it strangely but I never wake up hungry but the night I had porridge for a late dinner I woke up with my belly thinking my throat had been cut! Eating the oats raw muesli style fills me for much longer... that's how I now eat it. 2 tablespoons oats, 1 tablespoon raisins, 1 small tablespoon dessicated coconut and 1% milk...yum.

I'm eating quite a few eggs, they keep me full for a while too...if i have them fried I blot them with kitchen roll to remove as much oil as possible. Its working for me!

Not a chocolate spread fan but if you enjoy it and can eat it as part of your calorie controlled diet then where is the harm. The chocolate hit from it may well prevent you craving chocolate. Do what works for you.

I'm looking forward to your weigh in results...have you still not sneaked a peek yet?
Porridge seems to do the trick for me! Love the instant packets in the morning just really easy and it stops me having to look at the fridge shelves I can just grab the milk and get out of there!!

I've not had a peak yet....I'm tempted to have my WI tomorrow morning but that would only be 6 days and if I peak and the results good tomorrow I'm scared I'll just have a terrible day foodwise. So I'm going to hold out for saturday Morning!!

When's your next weigh in? You've only got 3lb to hit your christmas target!! Looks like you're right on track!
Good day today.

2 eggs scrambled on a piece of toast.

Snack-a-jacks - Thai sweet chilli.
Options mint hot choc.
Tuna steak sandwich with mayo.
Coke zero

Smoked haddock with mash, runner beans and carrots.

3 pints of water.

Tomorrow I'll be having porridge, then a chicken wrap for lunch with a salad, snack-a-jacks, and lambs neck with rice and dill for dinner!

Hope everyone's diet is going well!!

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