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1lb in first week.left me down

I had my first weigh in last night and although I wasnt expecting much as I had come on I was quite diaapointed with 1lb seeing how much others lose in the first week.
the consultant wasnt much help when I tried to ask if I had done it right either

on another note..i tried some trousers on in asda today and got a 360 degree view of my shape! so many mirrors. i didnt buy the trousers and came out feeling really down on myself.I am now more determined to shift this weight but not sure if sw is right for me or if I am doing it right...
advice appreciated please
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Eurgh i fu*king well hate it when consultants are about as much help as a fu*king bullet in the head...

But dont worry babe! give it about 4 weeks i say-
If ur unsure about anything just ask on here we can always help.

If u have loads of questions i can pm ya my msn addy and i can talk too ya on there..



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its still a loss! Stick at it see how it goes this week, if consultant is iffy again is there another local group? I think I have 5 within easy distance of me but luckily I got the perfect one straight off :D


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I agree with Lisx you should look at other groups in your area if your consultant isn't helping. 1lb is still a loss and if it's your TOTM then that is good. I can easily put on 4lb some months. Give it a few more weeks and see what happens


rainbows holiday buddy :)
hi addicted to choc,

i had a rubbish consultant last year who would promote flexi sins and all that. one week i went to class and lost a pound despite eating quite a large pizza hut pizza to myself earlier in the week and was really chuffed that i'd eaten a takeaway and still lost weight....but because i felt positive about it she started being really negative about it all infront of the class and made some snide remarks....stupid cow!

anyway i've now joined another class, which is run by the area manager and she is brillllllllliant. she's very funny and makes you feel really motivated when you're there... even if you maintain or gain. she also takes you to one side and try and work out where you've gone wrong and advises you on how to turn it around for the next week.

i'd suggest looking for another consultant and read your books cover to cover so you know exactly what your doing and try and plan a rough idea of what you're going to eat the next day.
thanks ladies.last night I was quite down and ready to give up but your comments have made me carry on.
I am going to try another group as she wasnt any help. and I have planned a good week ,mostly green days is that ok?

onwards and downwards..thanks again xx


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I hope you have a good week. And write everything down that you have so your leader might see if there is something wrong with your diary. Also did you really pig out the week before or were you already cutting down? That could make a difference too.

You need to feel comfortable with your leader too. and i know you will get loads of support from the SW gang on here

Good luck

Irene xx


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Awww don't get to down, i lost 1.5lb in my first week but stick with it, it will work. I went on to lose 11lb over the next 3 weeks!!

Good luck and keep posting!! :)
Hope you are feeling a little bit better, im losses are up and down constantly but try and stick with it because im sure you will have a great loss next week.
Write everything down, stay within your syn budget, plan your menu's and weigh everything(HE's)
Good luck and onwards and downward you go
Ruthy xxx


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I think it's all been said really. Just stick with it and find yourself a good consultant. When you are down we are all here to pick you up again so you never have to think you are on your own x


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Hiya hun just a thought why not start a food diary on here and then we can all give you any advice if it looks like you might be going wrong somewhere. Hope you manage to get a good consultant.


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Great idea Son, I did that and it really made me think about what I was doing and I got some great advice

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