1st day, a few questions


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Just started CD diet today. Had 1st drink at 8.30 was starving by 11.00 but put mind over matter drank loads of water and not had second drink yet...so pretty good so far

I just have a few questions if anyone can help.

I got the powder to make the mousse. Do I just add in with the powder of my choice and blend it. How long does it take to set and how long in advance can I make this?

Also how often and when are you supposed to check with the ketosti sticks..

Thanking you in advance.....Its great knowing that Im not the only new one starting and theres loads of help out there if Im stuck.
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There are a few hints and tips for mix a mousse. The best way I have found to make it is by putting cold water in the freezer until ice just starts to form. Then adding the mix a mousse to the sachet and mixing it up while it's dry.
Put the water in a blender add the dry mixture and blend well. Put it in the fridge to set and as long as you havent used too much water it'll be perfect!!!

As regards to ketostix. You should be going into ketosis around the 3rd day although it can be slower or quicker for some people. You can test to see if you are in ketosis, if you are you will remain in ketosis if you follow the diet properly.
They can also indicate whether you need to drink more water. If the stick is very dark then it tends to suggest you are a little dehydrated.
I never have that problem though - my stick is always light even when i am deep in ketosis!! It just differs for everyone.


Hi Blitz,

I really hope your 1st day has gone well, your on a VLCD now, but don't make it harder by holding off having your shakes,,,i'm not sure but you seem to be leaving LOOoonnng gaps between shakes and this will make it too hard especially on your first few days when your bodies getting used to it all..

Listen to your hunger pangs, your right to drink a pint of water if you feel hungry, but if your still hungry have a shake, its always better to have an extra pack or two in order to avoid throwing in the towel and giving up.

sending ya good luck [[vibes]]


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Hi Blitz
Welcome and well done for getting this far ... things will get easier soon.

As for making the mousse, I have a Hinari genie blender (a fab piece of kit) and I only have to use cold water, add the shake, whack a scoop of mix-a-mousse on top, screw the blender lid on and ZZZZZZZ ... no messing about and it's done in about 10 seconds!

Here's a link to where I bought it (online) - it's really brilliant and worth every penny. You can mix the shakes up IN the cups you drink them from so less washing up!

Hinari Genie The Hinari genie is a multi purpose kitchen appliance that will do everything you need in one machine. This will save you having to buy loads of other gadgets that only do one thing each. Think of the cupboard space you'll save!Contains:

Worth thinking about if you don't have a blender: you'd never ever have a lumpy shake again with one of these (god I sound like a salesperson! lol)


OMG Debbie, thank you I've been searching for this, but was calling it the wrong name, this is exactly what i need for my shakes, tried to thank ya with rep points but I must have done same recently so it won't let me do it again so soon LOL...

your a star..


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I tried mix-a-mousse but actually prefered my old method of making mousses.

50ml of very cold water (hour in fridge etc) per sachet and blend away! Its as thick as with mix-a-mousse and doesnt seem so jelly like to me? (i was prob using too much mix, lol)

But i prefer the clean method, i do have mine daily in one go though, so i mix my 4 packs with 200ml of refridgerated water, it mixes to about 3/4 pint of thick mousse :) Which after a long day and hours in traffic, i really actually look forward to now!

EDIT: Thick mousses shorten life span of whisks though! i about to get a new attachment for my blender as its broken 3 wires off now in 3.5mths! It does get some abuse daily of course! lol


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Thanks all for your help.

Now on day 2 doing ok at the moment, only major hunger pangs seems to come at 11.00 am but have drunks loads of water and seem to be ok after.

Will try the tips on mousse making but may wait a bit till need a break from the shakes. After my disappointment with the berrires of forest was quite pleased with the veg soup last night. The chocolate velvet goes down a treat for breakfast, this morning I put a bit of warm water in it.

Im hope that because I cut the carbs down on the 5 days before starting I may get away with no headaches but very early days yet


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Well done - stick with it and after day 3 you'll be in ketosis (maybe before if you've been cutting back on carbs) and then feel great!


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Well done, you seem to be doing great so far xxxx