1st day on journey-pls help


New Member

1st day on this - this is what I had (extra easy):

Breakfast: Banana, Bunch of grapes
Lunch: Tuna and salad, 2 x satsumas
Dinner: Actifry Chicken - No oil & skin all cut off x 5 drumsticks, potato wedges in frylight with mild curry powder sprinkled over along with frozen garden peas.

To follow, I had 1 x danone shape 0% fat yogurt with 1 satsuma

HEXA - 40g mozarella cheese
HEXB - still to decide

Does this seem ok ? I have tried slimming world before but I always felt as though I ate too much and didnt seem to loose the weight. Also anyone know what a typical food day would look like should I want to loose 2 + pounds per week??

MAny thanks everyone
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