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1st day on lipotrim!

Best of luck lu lu with you journey. Just concentrate to begin with by getting over the first days, they are the worst, remember what your aiming for and that that are making the choice to stop eating for a short time. The food will still be there when we all finish our journey.

Do you have a goal in mind? How much do you want to lose?

When I feel weak, I log on here and read stories or send a message. Its really does help and we are all hear for each other, we all want to same thing.


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
S: 19st12lb G: 14st0lb
Wish me luck! im about to mix up my first shake!
I am so glad I found this forum, you guys are great!

here i go on my weight loss journey, bye bye food! :wave_cry:
Hi Lulu,

Congrats on starting.... you looking forward to the slimmer you!! The results on Lipotrim are amazing. Pineapple is right about this site.

Remember to keep drinking water :tear_drop:

Best of luck :)
Hey guys! thanks for the warm welcome!

I've set a short term goal of one stone, and I will go from there!

My first day today is going easier thanI thought, which is great! All I can think about is how much food im gonna miss, but the good outweighs the bad! I cant wait to feel great!

My starting weight is 16.6, First I want to go down to 15 stone, because Im sure that will give me a great boost to see me through the weeks!

I am sooooo excited for my weigh!
I think you are doing teh best thing and taking it one step at a time. I hate thinking about how far I still have to go and feel better taking it week by week. Look forward to your weekly weigh ins and the time will fly by.
You'll be able to do it. It gets easier has the days go. Get busy and drink lots of water. I just completed my 1st week and its fantastic and with this forum you cant go wrong.
hey lulu

Well done on your choice to start LT - its great and it works!! :gen126:

The first week will be hard but if you drink loads of water you will be ok. After the first week it gets easier and becomes a way of life. You will soon reach your first target and that will inspire you to carry on.

When you struggle log on to this site and there will be support for you. Its great to chat to people who are going through the same thing as you, they know how you feel and will help you. Every one on here is so friendly and supportive. Good luck, keep posting about how you are doing :)
Welcome Lulu and good luck!! Im sure you will do great, If we all cam stick to it then i have no doubt that you can too.

We are all here if you need any support, everybody is so helpful
Thank you guys! my first day is over now, I did pretty good! a lil bit of hunger pains but I went bowling with some friends to keep my mind off it! :p

Just a question, are you allowed green tea?

For lunch I had a vanilla shake with a spoon full of coffee in like i read on this site, it was really nice!
Well done Lulu keep it up, not sure about the tea x
Yeah s far as i know green tea is fine. Any leaf tea is no problem x
Green tea is fine (although I think it tastes foul!) I have replaced my normal cups of tea with peppermint tea (couldn't bear to drink normal tea without milk and sugar!) and am really quite taken with it.

Good luck with your first week Lulu, nice to see you here. :)

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
hey lulu, i know how you feeling i am on my second day and so far i finding that drinking water is the best thing to stop you thinking about food...oh and keep as busy as you can that way you dont have time to think about food x good luck keep it going you can totally stick to this x

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