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1st day


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Hi Karenmc,
don't know quite what to say, that must be a horrible feeling. Are you sure you haven't a virus or anything at the moment, it's just we have had it for the last couple of weeks, eldest boy has it today and threw up. Are you feeling well other than eating the LT products. Hope it subsides.
Hi Doirin

I felt well until i started LT. Just left with a horrible feeling after bringing everything i eat back. i feel weak and fed up now. karenx
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Hi Karen ,just wondering how you are mixing the shakes and the soup. sometimes if its not mixed enough there can be little lumps in and that can be a bit yeack !! . I used to use a little hand blender . two or three swirls and they were lovely and smooth. Other thing I always used really cold water out of the fridge for my shakes .If I used ordinary water from taps they tasted a bit mawkish. hope this helps.


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hi karen

How miserable for you....now, last year, I tried LT, but my heart wasnt really in it...and I just hated the taste..in fact I had to hold my nose to have the shakes..they were disgusting - to me at that time.

This time round, it is totally different, and I enjoy all the shakes I have and the soup...so, wonder if it is phycological....not spelling that correctly I know!!!!

Just wondering, esp since you said you were fine until you started. Could be that you have an allergy to the shakes??? I think it is Doirin that cant have the soups...so, could be a possibility.

Sorry, not much more help, but hope you are feeling better...

Take care


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Its mind over matter, This happened to me the first time i did lipotrim. Now dont get me wrong i not going to go as far as saying i enjoy them now, But it does get so much easier. At the start i used to have a bottle of water with me when I was drinking my shake, take a big drink of the shake and straight away take a drink of the water (Use the water as a chaser kind of) i know it sounds silly, and my friends would laugh at me saying it looked like I was doing ‘shots’ of my shake. Maybe try this and also when drinking it imagine it’s a yummy milkshake from McDonalds J It works I promise. Hope your feeling better chick xxx


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Hope you feel better soon, and have you tried them thicker as a mouse? There are instructions on the bag.


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They taste much nicer if you use a blender and add ice cubes, it thickens them up a bit. If there are any bits in it I struggle to get them down yuk. If you don't like them thick, have you tried putting more water in? I usually put about a pint of water in at work. Try coffee in the vanilla one, it makes it taste more 'normal'
I do hope that you haven't put yourself off because the dread of trying it again might be whats causing it and you might as well try again another time when you can put your mind straight on it. The soup was a bad choice to start with I think as it really is an aquired taste. Good luck x
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I have to say, the vanilla makes me retch. I drink only chocolate shakes through a straw. So if it's taste, that might help? I really do think the straw makes a difference, the texture doesn't hit you so much...

I'm really sorry to hear that you're not doing too well, hope you manage to stick with it long enough to test out all the flavours & see if there's one you're OK with.

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I'm just starting on this diet...so far so good, it's only day 2. My husband is on it also. We figured we would be more successful if we both did it. He is a great cook and I don't think i would have been able to cope with the smells coming from the kitchen if he decided not to do it. He has to lose 5st. I have to lose 3st.
I have found the chicken soup substitute awful but can tolerate the vanilla and chocolate. Adding the drop of coffee to the vanilla and mixing in the blender is a great idea. Has anyone had the flapjacks just for the sake of having something to chew on?
Mix a spoonfull of coffee into a drop of cold water and then pour it in when mixing your shake... i am not a coffee drinker but I love coffee now in my Choc, Vanilla or Strawberry shake, I really enjoy them with the coffee...


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The flapjacks are ok if you are out and can't have a shake. They are 'interesting' and good when you fancy something to chew. Worth a go.
Good luck : )

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