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1st time and last time..yuk yuk yuk

My consultant has been raving about Mugshots, not one for packet fooods but deciding having a couple in the cupboard would be quick and easy as dp is out on days on contracts and with a 4 month baby anything quick and easy should be a bonus!

I had the creamy cheese pasta one and it's gross!

We rarely have packets / jars as i like to make everything from scratch, plus i find as dp is diabetic and i'm doing SW it's healthier, tastier and usually syn free.

If i do fancy a packet in the future i will stick with Batchelors pasta n sauce...
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Ergh... arent they just? I couldnt stomach it, reminded me of (sorry to be gross) vomit!!
that horrible fake cheesey sicky smell they have...

nah... not a packet food girl either... am trying to train myself to eat pasta n sauce but not good with them either... i just end up eating dry pasta with grated cheese stirred through it lol... maybe with some quark or some tuna... or passata...

boooooring... but still tastes better than icky mugshots!!

The noodle ones are not so bad, managed to eat the sweet and sour one once, but still... they are a bit gross!! xx


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My husband prefer's the Noodle mug shot's - he keep's a few packet's at work for a 'snack attack' - I must admit I haven't tried them yet.
Exactly the same smell and opinion i have ha ha. Cannot believe i just wasted 2 syns.

5 yr old dd has just had pasta, passatta and parmesan - if i'd had enough dried pasta i'd of been having that!


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We had a woman at class last night who had 5 pasta n'sauces last week! Trouble was she made it with butter and milk and put 1 1/2lbs on! Mind you she and her friend don't seem to be serious about the plan, I think it's a night out for them.
I must admit I never cook a meal out of packets (tho I will use the ?schwarz garlic/mushroom sauce for pasta) the list of additives is offputting, and I like to know what I'm eating!


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I've only tried one - I think it was the chicken chow mein one (?) and thought it was gross! I'll eat the Supernoodles if I'm really stuck but I usually stick with Pasta & Sauce if I'm eating from a pack! Otherwise, it's from scratch!
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I only like the sweet & sour noodle one. I find if I have them to often then I don't lose weight so keep it to just one or two a week.


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I love the sweet and sour,roast chicken and creamy cheese ones,hate the chicken one and tomato and herb yuk!
i tried the cheese one and thought it was awful!!
but my mum bought me the tomato and herb one the other day and it was very nice.great for when uv jst got a ten min break in a shift:)


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I love the cheese one lol I make so with not enough water so it goes all thick and goey. I don't like th noodle ones but the roast chicken one is delicious. I'm not a huge fan of the couscous ones, but if I've run out, I'll have one.


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The noodle ones have been my saviour on many an afternoon, and I really like the tomato and herb one too :D

Never liked the idea of the cheesy ones and it seems I was right!

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