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  1. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Went for my 1st weeks weigh-in on LL last night and had lost 8lb 6oz. Now I know that's ok but I was really hoping for more! Been feeling so rough since I started it, hate nearly all the flavours, and still not managed to contact my local CDC as I have decided that due to the cost and the limited choice on LL I would like to swap. Really hope I manage to contact her before week 3 and I'd like to move over to the CD asap. Anyway determined to continue!!
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  3. rubysnanny

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    Hi jack,first of all well done!! better 8lbs off than on ! u may lose another good amount next week so dont worry,I too have changed to cd from 10 days on LL and am much happier i find the flavours much more palatable!.keep persevering with your local cdc and just think if you hadn't started you might have been not far off a stone heavier than you are now ! stay positive ! Sarah x
  4. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Congratulations on the 8 lb. I've always been on CD and I'm sure you will enjoy the many flavours. Hope you manage to get in touch eith the CDC
    Irene xx
  5. Ajax

    Ajax Finally...Life begins

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    8 pounds is a great loss well done!!
  6. tulips

    tulips Regular Member

    8 lbs is flippin marvellous...why be disappointed Jack??

    Use your home scales to see just how much is 8 lbs, it's a surprising amount of weight!

    Very well done & good luck for your move to CD!
  7. Flopster

    Flopster Got a life thank you!

    Lighter Life
    That is over 1/2 a stone!!! But I lost 8lbs and was a bit disappointed so understand how you feel - especially as others in my group seemed to loose a lot more than me. 9 weeks in and I have lost 2 1/2 stone which I wouldn't have lost had I given in to those feelings of disappointment. I look and feel like a completely different person - I am now in a size 16 from a 22 and well on my way to being the size 14 I set myself as a goal when I started. I took some pictures last night and compared them to my beginning pictures and the difference is unbelievable! So whilst I may not have had the best weight loss of our group, I am so thrilled with how far I have come and that in itself is the biggest motivation in the world.

    Congratulate yourself on your success - after all 1/2 a stone is 1/2 a stone - half way to the first stone you are guaranteed in a month!
  8. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD

    Just to put this in a bit of perspective for you I lost 6.5lbs on my first week, the lowest of my group, but I went on to lose the most of those in my group at nearly 4 1/2 stone in 100 days.

    The sooner you can come to terms with the fact that the VLCD is fastest safe way your body can part with its fat and all (she says ryely) you have to do is hang on and stick with it until the weight has gone, the calmer and more focussed you'll be and more likely to succeed ;)

    Doing the head work along your weightloss to think about why to gained the weight will help you to maintain your weightloss once you havegot to goal.

    Go for it and try to stop being so critical of yourself because it will only put on unecessary additional pressure which can't be good for your resolve :(
  9. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Oh I am going for it! Just wish I could get hold of my local CDC. I have called all week day and evening but I cant get hold of her, I am starting to wonder if she may be on holiday. Financially I can only afford 1 more week on the LL diet so I hope I can contact her soon.
    I am pleased with my weight loss and am 110% determined to see this through.
    Thanks to everyone for their words of praise, it really does help!
  10. suki

    suki Member

    Hi jack,
    I just wondered which area you live in. Incase someone can help witth the name of another CDC nearby. New CDC's qualify all the time so there might be someone else in your locality. Just a thought

    Well done on the loss - 8lbs is fab. Try not to compare yourself to others, just concentrate on yourself. How many other diets do you know of where you can safely loose 8 lbs in a week? Good luck
  11. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

  12. Tash86

    Tash86 Member

    Hi Jack!

    Well done - I too like chicken only lost 6lbs in my first week and was definately the slowest loser in my group in the weeks to come.

    I lost 4 stone in 100 days though so it all evens out in the end!

    Keep going - good luck!!
  13. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Well this is not a joke but I am in Cambridge and can not manage to get hold of a CDC:eek:
    I really have made my mind up I want to swap from LL and I have rung the number given to me by head office and by the CD website but never get any answer. I will try again over the weekend in the hope that the CDC is just away on holiday. So looking forward to having something I enjoy!
  14. suki

    suki Member

    There is a post in the Cambride diet forum called "No CDC in the NI area can I get it from CDC off mainland? "
    It has information about finding a CDC. It might be worth a look.
    (sorry I'm not sure how to post 'links' but it should be easy enough to find)
  15. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    Well done on your weight loss. i hope you manage to contact a CDC soon. :)
  16. jack29

    jack29 Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    :) Happy to report all sorted with CDC and starting on the CD from Thursday this week. Doing a transfer over from the LL packs which I will finish on Wednesday. Really looking forward to all the new flavours and the AAM in week 5.
    My LL weigh in should be this Wed but I am hopefull that when my CDC weigh's me I will have lost in total at least 12lbs in the 2 weeks! Thank you everyone for your help and support and I will keep you updated;)
  17. Jelly belly

    Jelly belly Member

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    Good to hear your sorted Jack

    I'm on week 3 of CD and lost 11lb in 2 weeks but also lost 24 1/2 inches. Was a bit dissapointed with the weight until i got measured, so make sure you get measured too it does make a difference
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