1st week weigh in


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Well i done the whole week without cheating once and hve to say i really enjoyed it, although i was alittle dissappointed with the result for a first week, i only lost 2.5 pounds still i supose its better than nothing. My daughter who i am doing it with lost 5 pounds and my mum who also comes to class with us lost 9.5 pounds!!!!!!!! So you can see why i was a little bit gutted with my result. I do realise that i haven't got as much to lose anymore (about 3st) whereas last time i done it i needed to lose 8st. Anyway onwards and upwards or downwards as the case may be lol. I am really determined to make this work for me and i am enjoying it and feel like i am eating sooo much, so i suppose its better really to lose slowly and not feel deprived.
Lots of love Busy X
Hey busy!

Congrats on the loss, I've been wondering where you'd got to! Never managed to catch you on msn, maybe one of these days!

Well done again!
Busy that is a very good loss:)

That is 2.5lbs. of fat:) I would be happy with that on a vlcd. If you managed to do that every week that is 10lbs. off in four months of fat!!!

Well done.

Love Mini xxx
Don't ever be disappointed with a loss chick!!! It's excellent and I bet you can't believe how well you've been eating compared to other diets!

As time goes on you'll learn about how your body reacts to SW and I can't recommend eating "SS" foods in high quantities highly enough!!!! They're there to speed up your loss in a healthy way, and also IF ever you "bend the rules" a little and have something you shouldn't, eating loads of "SS" food will help carry the junk through your system and out, so don't ever think because you've had something you know you shouldn't have that it's game over for that week because you KNOW you've gained, just enjoy your "SS" foods for the rest of the week and you're most likely to be pleasantly suprised!!!!

Best wishes for week 2!!!