1st week WI


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Well done on that big loss .
all I can say is , how much do you want the end result ? :)


Here we go again!
Well done on your great first wi and for getting through the first week. It really does easier after week 1. I too have a very long way to go but the weekly wi's really spur you on. I reckon I have about 4-5 months on this but that doesn't deter me. I am so determined to get rid of the weight forever this time. Just keep focused and keep up the good work. You can do it.

We are all in it for the long haul together. :)


Feeling fab!
Paul, 10.5lbs!!! That's amazing. I have just completed week 2 and i am feeling great. I was exactly like you were during week 1,unsure if i could do it. But hopefully your fab weight loss will spur you on and get you through your 2nd week. Your goal may seem such a long way off now,keep focused and stay positive and keep busy! You can do this.


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Hey Paul, yes when you get into a routine it gets easier, times that it will be tough but there's only once in your life you're gonna do it so may as well stick to it! well done on your first loss!


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Well done on your loss, thats excellent.
I am only into week 3 and it just comes second nature to you, your body will set its own alarm clock for when you need to take your shake.
Good luck for week 2.


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well done Paul that is a mega weightloss...and good luck.it does get easier.xxx


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Well done Paul, it's good to have some guys on here.....I don't know any men who even have a weight problem and my OH has weighed about the same for the past 20 years, lucky ba8tard:p


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Thanks Sandra - its so good to have this forum to share experiences and thanks everyone else for your support. Heres hoping that week two goes by as quickly as week 1.



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Great first WI Paul, well done.

It does get easier. I had a very long journey in front of me when I started back in April - in fact I only planned initially to do 6 weeks but loved the results and have stuck to it to the bitter end! - but just remember, the journey on any other diet would would be much longer!

Good luck.