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1st weigh in SS 100%

thanx hun, really good to hear its not just me... Everyone else on here seems to be having really big losses! Have been wondering if this really is the diet for me :( I can stick to it,but wanted faster results.
The first week is usually the biggest loss - especially if you've stuck to it 100% so I can understand why you're disappointed. Maybe it's taking your body a lil longer to adjust and you'll see better results next week. Was it your totm as well? As this seems to slow down the weight loss for some reason. In any case well done making it through the first week as it's the hardest! Stick to it and you will see the result :D!! The average loss is a stone a month and there's no reason why your losses won't be as good as that.
It wasn't my totm, and according to the ketostix (which i've tested myself with everyday this week) i've been in ketosis since day 2, and still am! Thanx for your advice, will stick it at least another week and see how it goes then. xxxxxxxxxx


Is posting like mad!
Good luck for next week,

Remember that week 1 losses are usually carbs and water so if you were reducing carbs before hand your loses will be smaller

I am only being weighed once a month and hoping my average is on track 3lbs a week is well on the way to 1stone a months!

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