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1st weigh in tomorrow


Getting Married 2012
ok, to say I am nervous is a understatement. I had such a stressful day at work that I didnt get chance to have a shake and have therefore only had 3 shakes (for the 3rd time this week):break_diet:

I have drank 3ltrs of water and haven't cheated and I am so nervous of what the scales are going to say. Do you think that not having 4 shakes on 3 days will make a bad differnce?

well fingers crossed for me at 8.30 - then hop foot back to work and see if i can get take that tickets woo hoo!!!!!

Hope you are all well, and having fun this evening
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Hope your weigh in goes well. I'm right on the borderline between having 3 or 4 shakes and have only had 3 each day. LIke you I had such a stressful week my first week and had to struggle to fit 3 shakes in let alone 4. That seems to have set the pattern for me as I have stuck to 3 since then.

Looking forward to hearing how you get on.


Getting Married 2012
Hello everyone, I am a very happy girl - i lost 14lbs this week!!!

For the first time I have tried the ready made shakes and they are alot nicer, and also treated myself to the porridge and a soup. Looking forward to next week when i can try the bars - although read 4 at one time isnt good lol

Thank you for your support and comments the last week and hope that one day i will be able to support you.
Good luck with ur weigh in. i hope it goes really well. i just had my
first weigh in yesterday and its great seeing the results.

I only have 2 and 1/2 litres of water a day, is it the more you drink
the better...

i'm only on 3 shakes aday... and i'm 6"1 in height.
i dont think i'd have time for a 4th shake but my CDC
only put me on 3 a day anyway. Isnt it better to have less
14lb, omg that is amazing.

you must be soooo happy.
i only lost 9lb, im so jealous of you. lol

well done and i hope your second week goes
just a well for you. x


Getting Married 2012
Dee, i think that the book says that over 5'9 you need to be on 4 shakes - i was really busy at work yesterday and only had 3 shakes instead of 4 and cdc wasnt happy. Dee your doing fantasic, and its nice to know someone who started around the same time as me.

I am no expert but have left alot better the past few days after drinking 3 litres of water, and my fella says that my skin is alot softer. It also seemed to work for me this week, so fingers crossed it will work next x

Thought i would treat myself with take that tickets, but cant get on ticketmaster....
my cdc has advised my to eat some chicken or egg or other
protein if i am hungry after my 3 shakes/soups etc are gone.
but i only had an egg on one day cos i was feelin greedy.

its good having some one who started with me, we can keep
tabs on each other and support. :cool:

good luck with the take that tickets.
i got myself some meatloaf tickets. hehe.


Getting Married 2012
thanks Dee, but no luck on the take that tickets, might have to opt for jewellery instead.

I fella has man flu and ended up cooking him cheese omlette last night and it looked so nice, but didnt have any. I am going to do the 810 plan at christmas and already have a menu put together.

what part of wales are you in, my sister owns a pub in glynneath.

Ladyrose - thanks for your message, i was amazed at the loss this week, i didnt think it would work for me but so glad it has. How is it going for you?
You are welcome hun, it's going great for me, am on day 6 and I'm feeling good! Am hoping for a good loss too on sun morn, can't wait!!! I can feel my jeans getting looser now...
Congrats!! Great start!!
wow well done you - all those nerves for nothing !!!! fantastic

I still lost 4lb on my totm xx
Thats a great start - well done

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