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1st weigh in

You Go Girl !!!!!!!!!!!
Cracking, what a good start, you might have another big loss next week, we often do in the first few weeks of induction. Well done, it works doesn't it. :D


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It sure does! And i feel great too, i don't feel groggy in the morning and am full of energy.........and another thing i have noticed is my heartburn has vanished!

I can't wait to see what next week brings :)


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its all down from here, huns xx
Hmm, is heartburn a result of too may carbs I wonder?
well done louisa, that's a brilliant start.
i can relate to the heartburn bit, used to get it something chronic, but since lowering carbs as much as i have, i've not had it at all, touch wood!
interesting article, Jim, i know for me, it's eliminated it totally, not had an episode in 4 weeks now. I guess it will affect different people in different ways though.
I always used to have heartburn, even carried indegistion tablets in my purse as it was virtually daily. Since starting Atkins havn't had it once - now that can't be bad!
I never had it so I can't really comment. Must be nice not to have it now for you guys though.

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I still get acid reflux on Atkins but not as bad, but mine is related to a health condition and I'm on prescription pills for it.

I wonder if people who found their heartburn cleared up on Atkins might have some sort of food intolerance - maybe wheat?

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