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1st Weight in - so happy!


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Hi everyone,

Had my first WI yesterday 12.2lbs! I'm soooooo happy. I've never lost that amount of weight in a month on WW or Slimming World.

I feel great, no headaches or hunger pangs, this forum has helped me so much - thanks everyone!

Week 1 = 12.2lbs
Week 2 =
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Congrats! That is a brilliant first weight loss. Keep up the good work. Well done.
:wow: Danders, what a fantastic start!! Fabulous that you don't have any side-effects....bet you start getting freezing cold hands tho!!!
Wow! that's really fantastic - certainly helps the motivation doesn't it?

keep going,m you're doing fab :)
WOW well done you that a fab 1st week weight lose x x x


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Thanks everyone for your encouragement, it means so much to me.

I've had no side effects at all, drinking LOTS of water definately helps. I was struggling with just tap water, never been a water drinker. I decided to try some sparkling spring water just for a change and I totally love it. It seems so easy to get down.

I've also tried a few suggestions on here around ways to make the shakes a bit more interesting, adding lots of ice and blending is my favorite!

Also, another thing that has really helped, is remembering that I will be able to eat food again in the future, but having the time and space away from food will allow me to try and break the very bad eating habits I had (comfort eating to the extremes).

I wish I had found this forum years ago. I stumbled across it last Monday and after reading some of the posts, I went to the Pharmacy first thing last Tuesday and started LT. It has been truly inspirational.

Thank you everyone!:giggle:


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Hi Dunders

What a great weight loss for Wk1,,this will spur you on for the next week, and so on.

Glad the forum helped you to make that all important decision.

Keep up the great weight losses!

Take care


Here we go again!
Well done Dunders, that's a fantastic first week's loss.

The saying of "What you want to eat will still be there when you finish" really kept me going through tough times too. I really needed the total break from food to break my bad habits too. It's worked wonders!

You're doing fantastic on this so far, really spurs you on for week 2! Good luck and keep doing what you're doing cos it's obviously working brilliantly!!
:wow: Danders, what a fantastic start!! Fabulous that you don't have any side-effects....bet you start getting freezing cold hands tho!!!

OMG!! Ive been gettin this all day and was wondering what was going on as its roasting outside!!! Thanks Supaslimma now i dont feel like a complete freak! :)xx
Oh! And congrats Dunders on a great loss! best of Luck in wk 2! :)X
Dunders thats brill good luck for next week keep it up xxx
wey hey well done you


Positivity is the key
Hi Dunders,
well done and by the sounds of it you are in the right frame of mind, so should go well for you. Best of luck for next week.