2 bars one day


Making it all add up
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LLC says it's a big No No as there's slightly more calories in the bars, but other LLers have said it doesn't have an effect provided you only have a max of 7 in a week.

Can't see the harm myself as you'll still be on VLC


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It probably won't tamper too much, but the real question is why do you need to do this?

Is it one-off case of convenience (e.g. all day meetings/day out)


just because you want to?

If it is just because you want to, then its probably not a good idea because part of being on LL is learning self-restraint around food - being in control of it, and sticking to some rules/limits... Its the psychological aspect of the program...

My advice from being on LL for 40 weeks is, don't do it... :) Even for convenience, you can always add the milkshake sachet powder into an empty bottle, and then fill it up with water later when you need to...

If you start breaking the rules now, its a slippery slope to braking more and more rules...

If you have already had two bars in one day ;-) then don't worry - it will probably have almost zero impact on your weight loss - but beware of becoming more prone to breaking the rules in future...

just my advice :)


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Mini Me's advice sounds really good.....:D

Dont do it, you can come out of Ketosis, basically the bars have more carbs inside them if you read the back it tells you, this can knock you right out of it.

So big no no


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I don't think it will be too detrimental, but Mini_Me makes some really good points as to the reasons why.

I need to ask my LLC this question on Monday due to a work trip where it is going to be really inconvenient to make shakes, rather than wanting to "just have 2 bars". Do you ask because of your upcoming trip?

The only other point is that in "my previous LL/CD life" I have found 2 bars can have an embarrassing side effect along the lines of taking laxatives :eek:


nearly there!! :)
in my group, one girl use to have 2 bars most days!! although its not "allowed" if it came to a case of food or bars the obviously the bar would win out!!

so my llc used to allow it if u were struggling and needed 5 packs!!

never ate the bars though so cant tell ya reallyxxx


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In a word no!

For reasons of my own.

I did all my foundation having 2 on a Saturday and 2 on a Sunday.

It never affected my weightlosses. And it never kicked me out of ketosis.