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got weighed this morning and ive gained 2lbs yes i did cheat but it was a bowel of fruit and fibre and a cheese sandwich hardly a massive blow out so thats it for me with cs, it scares me to think that just a bowel of cereal and a slice of bread made me gain so much what will i weigh when the diet is over and i have to eat proper food
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thats a bit cr*p! im sure you must be gutted. im gonna be quite blunt here though and im not doing it to make you feel bad as ive cheated too the last week but you cant cheat and expect to lose, not with this, the whole point is that your body goes into mild ketosis and burns fat for energy, so as soon as you eat anything with carbohydrates in it your body burns that up first and until thats used up again then you are not really on the diet properly, dya see what i mean? im not trying to make you feel any worse but i think its a 100% diet this one, you either do it all or you dont get the results you want.

i think you should give it another go if its what you really want, if you want to lose the weight then you have to give it everything you have, look at your first two weeks you were doing great! you know you can do it! come on girl!!
i know about ketosis i did atkins yrs ago and lost 4 stone but my point is that at some point we have to be able to eat so called normal food it just does my head in that ive had 1 peice of bread and one bowel of cereal and gained 2lbs
Here what your saying girls....I did LL last year and as soon as I started to eat "normally" I put on half a stone in a week, but that was expected. As you both know, your first week's weight loss is retained water and glycogen. As soon as you start eating "normally" again (say carbs etc) your glycogen stores re-fill, which can weigh between 5-7lbs in body weight.

I believe when you finish any strict diet such as LL, CD, Atkins, CS etc you will tend to put a few pounds on but it should stable itself out in a week or two with no further weight gain thereafter, providing your eating within your daily recommend calories etc. So I guess the aim is to get around 5lbs under target weight to allow for this natural weight gain when you finish the diet.

I really feel for you sharon Kim, I'd be gutted if I'd only ate a bowl of cereal and a slice of bread and put on 2lbs during that week - I can see where you're coming from. x
i know i shouldnt have had it and its my own fault and its me im mad with, because of a gluten and wheat alergy i never eat bread or cereal at the best of times i think im my case id be better with a stone under what i want to be
yeah i see what you mean now, i managed to put on three but i ate like ten times more bad things than you did, maybe everyones body is different! hope u manage to shift it soon.