2 stone off at last. Cheers with a glass of Lipotrim in my hand!


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Hi girls,

I had my weigh in on Tuesday and lost 3 lbs in the 2 weeks. This means 28 lbs has gone since the start of June.

Weight 11st 7 lbs, which at 5' 9" makes me look quite slim. However, I would like to get my BMI down to 20 and have a goal of 9st 4 lbs so that when I start eating a settled weight of 10 stone would be good.

I think that Lipotrim is a great diet for people who are very motivated and 100% committed to it. The results are positive week after week. It is the only diet that has never let me down.

I hope you are all doing well and that you continue to be amazing.

Kind regards to all
Marylyn xx
LT and the "experts"

Hello Mandy,

I see you have done brilliantly on your diet. Are you on LT too? The thing is when you are tall, you can "carry" 3 stone without anyone even knowing you're overweight.

As a 5' 9" person, Mandy, what would be your ideal goal weight to settle at?

I've talked about this with the Doctor and he said, for me, he wouldn't want my BMI to go below 20. He sees the logic of my wanting to set a goal of 9st 4lb, because of the inevitable weight gain, glycogen stores returning etc.

I was saying how I'm really feeling the cold when the temp drops and he said that I have lost 13 kgs of insulation. I suppose eventually the body adjusts to the cold. Shan't worry about it at the moment, as we're off to Cyprus soon.

What really helps to keep me motivated is that I am doing the LT programme as part of a study with a hospital to enable them to understand why people become obese. It isn't as simple as overeating being the main cause of obesity.

When I have felt a bit fed up with the LT and a bit saturated with all the water I have this to help to keep me strong.

If I was doing it just for myself I may have wanted to take a weekend off it every week and this would not have been a good idea at all.

The other thing that keeps me motivated is to treat myself for every 4 lbs lost. A facial is a lovely treat, something new to wear - a hair-do. Cosmetics, browsing ebay for nice jewellery.

Something in the region of £300 has been consumed in Lipotrim now and I'm lucky in that I don't have to pay for it.

People say this kind of thing "You've lost enough, bla bla bla," they're probably jealous really. I just wind them up more and say I have another 3 stone to lose.

My son says I should take the name Fatgirlslim.:cool:

Nice talking to you. ;) Marylyn xxx

I hope to be able to do all that fancy stuff with names and trackers when I have time.
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WELL DONE Marilyn,
I'm 5.9'' too, aren't we all tall 'girls'!
I want to get to 12stone which will please me to bits, when you get 'more mature' your face can look scraggy if you lose too much (well mine does!!) and I have actually never ever been under 10st.10. in my entire adult life.(and that was far too many years ago for me to even say the words!) Different strokes ehh?
Anyway - very well done you!!
Hi Marylyn,

I get 142lbs for a BMI of 20 for your height...9st. 4lbs. seems exceptional?

I was originally thinking of 110lbs. as this is what I 'use to be', but after being on the journey for so long I see now that 9 stone would be very acceptable and I am small frame...

I am now wearing size 3 1/2 shoe size!!! My feet had gone up to size 5:eek:

Love Mini xxx
Well done marilyn 2 stone is fantastic:D