21 weeks and struggling


I've been doing the CD now for 21 weeks 20 weeks of ss and now having the odd bit of protein, I'm only losing 2lb a week and have another 1st 7lbs to go. I'm debating whether to come out ketosis for a day and then going back into it to speed up my weight loss as I don't know whether I can face another 7 or 8 weeks.:cry: I have lost 5st 7 pounds so far. I wanted some advice.
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Well done on the 20weeks SS and the amazing weightloss!

Coming out of ketosis and then going back in will not speed up your weightloss - if anything, it'll slow it down, as you'll gain back glycogen from whatever you eat that day, your hunger will return, and it'll be harder to leave food behind once again.

I don't know much about the details of CD being LL myself, but can you not now switch to SS+ or 810 so you can eat alittle each day but still lose a little at the same time?

I'm sure someone who's doing CD can give better advice, just didn't want to read and run :)


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ive been advised in week two to go on CD 1000 (mainly cos I cant manage the shakes so much, they make me heave) and my CDC says that it will know me out of ketosis but I will lose weight. I mean, you are going to have to come off SS some day - make it now and tie in an atkins regime (no carbs) which will prob keep you in ketosis but also allow you to enjoy food!