Struggling and consultant isn’t supportive


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Hello everyone! :)
Newbie here.
hope you’re all well!

I started the CD last week (step 2).
I was excited to start this and had been chatting to the consultant online before I met her. She had lost 8 stone and I was impressed.

When I met the consultant it appeared she’d regained probably all of the weight as she looked nothing liked her “after” picture and much more like her “before” picture which was a little deflating as it kind of said to me “if she can’t stick to it how can I”!

Anyway I decided to give it a go and bought a weeks worth of products.
She hasn’t contacted me at all to ask how I’m doing. When I messaged her to say I was struggling she just replied bluntly with “that’s how it works on a VLCD”. I’m due for my 1st weigh in tomorrow but I’m wondering whether to carry on as the consultant isn’t the “support” I thought she would be. Just a salesperson.

I’ve struggled with the products and finding ones I like. Headaches and stomach cramps. I have 3st to lose and wondering if this really is for me?

Any advice?
Yes. You've done a week - so you can do this.

Don't stick with a consultant who isn't supportive.

Make up some electrolyte drink - it helps with the headache and the tummy aches. or

You can buy vlcds elsewhere so go to another consultant or buy a few boxes from yr consultant and order an alternative product on line. Try avid high protein or slim n save.

Or choose an alternative food plan and stick to that.

Join a weigh in thread here and write a daily diary. I'm on the Xmas thread -
Honestly, you're unlikely to find a supportive CD counsellor as it's a MLM. Shes not a trained nutritionist etc. Yoi hit the nail on the head...she is a sales person.

If you're enjoying the diet then I would carrying on and post on here for support. She would have regained the weight because she has gone right back eating in the way that made her gain weight in the first place. You can have a normal life after CD but you need to focus on learning about energy balance to ensure your not eating in a surplus.

Good luck at weigh in. Xx
Thanks for the support. I lost 9 pounds on my first weigh in so that has spurred me on!
I guess I was expecting more ‘support’ but seems after looking online it’s pretty normal to not particularly get any. I think I will join one of the other threads on here for some online support. Thanks again!
Well done on completing your first week.

I've always had really supportive consultants and honestly don't stay with one who isn't. I agree that they are sales people but mine have always used the products really successfully and are appreciative about it has changed their lives. My current consultant is actually a trained nutritionist and provides well rounded support.

Good luck x