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21st birthday count down (and slim down)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by rhirhi93, 15 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    I'm back!
    First of all hello to everyone reading this ?
    My names Rhi and and I'm an old hand at SW. I first joined over 2 years ago and lost 2.5stone in a year (well happy). Since then I've moved away to university I tried joining a local group but wasn't getting the same support as back home (financially being a student doesn't help either). The course I'm doing means I spend a lot of time on placement working 12 hour shifts with no set breaks so keeping up the healthy eating was I night mare!!!
    I've put back on most of what I had lost but now I'm determined to get my arse in to gear (and in to a nice dress) for my 21st birthday at the end of October.
    I would love to lose 3 stone by then but I also have more realistic short term goals to reach first.
    Juggling uni, social life, healthy eating and getting enough sleep whilst going this alone without a group is difficult so any support from you would be AMAZING!!!!
    (I promise I will help support you as well)

    So here goes
    Start date -15/06/2014
    Mini goals
    Go on a walk around the park every 3 days
    Only weigh myself on a Sunday ( serial weigher alert)
    Keep a food diary
    Lose 4 lbs
    Lose 7 lbs
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  3. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    So day one went pretty well yesterday. Salad for brunch then pasta with a homemade sauce for tea, lots of bananas and a cappuccino muller light.

    Going to go shopping today and stock up on the good stuff. Then might go for a walk round the park :)

    Lets do this!
  4. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    Still haven't been shopping, tidied the car, kitchen and living room instead. Going to make a list before I go (usually my biggest downfall)
  5. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Good luck! Here to support you, I don't follow slimming world (I calorie count) but follow a few SW girlies on here so I know the general guidelines, and we're similar ages too so here to help you along the way. Good luck! xx :D
  6. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    Thanks Hun! I really appreciate it :)
  7. KMD

    KMD Silver Member

    Sure you will do fab! Looking forward to seeing how you get on in your first week. Hope you have a fab loss. xx
  8. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello Rhi!! Welcome and good luck to you!1 I am sure you will achieve all of your goals!! will be glad to read your diary)
  9. rhirhi93

    rhirhi93 Full Member

    So far so good!
    Started the couch to 5k yesterday (made me realise how unfit I am)!
    Today has been ok food wise. I don't really count syns as I'm not following the plan 100% but i know what are good/bad choices.
    Tonight could go down hill though. One of my closest friends has had some bad news so I said we'd go out for food to take her mind off it. We're going to harvester which can be dangerous for me! Well probably end up getting a bottle of wine or two aswell. It's only 1 night though!
  10. Crafty Girl

    Crafty Girl Silver Member

    Good luck with your weight loss journey Rhi. There is plenty of support on here for you....

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