24 hour binge!


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Hi all

just wondering what you all think. My sister Suze is doing this with me, we both started the 1st January. She has much against my advice decided to have a 'day off' today and a total carb binge. i've tried to tell her how bad she'll feel etc etc but she's stuck in at home with the snow and the school is closed. She tells me it's a totally planned carb binge (large quantities of carbs) to shake things up, and she'll get back on plan tomorrow and she won't even try my lovely psyllium husks. Anway, just wondering if anyone has done this and what were the implications, i'm a wimp, i'm too scared to have to get back in to ketosis to even try it.

your thoughts please!

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I think you can do the diet the "easy" way or the "hard" way and the easy way is just to stick to it and hang in there until you can get the weight off. You can still do it by having breaks but experience says the road is much longer, bumpier and a lot of people don't finish the journey.



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Oh no!! it's the worst thing to do! i have done it belive me and it's almost near impossible to get back on track it's taking me months of day 1's to get going again. it's far easier said than done!!


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I wouldnt even go there, trying to get back on after a break, planned or otherwise is an absolute nightmare.

To go through all that week 1 again would put me off for life.

The only person i know who could ever jump on and off was Summerskye, who does fantastically, I took a planned break in the last stone and it nearly killed me to get back on again, although I did, but I cant tell you how hard it was, my advice to you is keep your head down and do it, the sooner you get there the sooner you can treat yourself in moderation!!!!


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I had a carb binge over a week ago and it took longer to get back into ketosis and I felt worse than starting SS (and that was pretty bad due to some tablets I was taking!). It really was not worth it, if I HAVE to eat something, I have 100% lean protein, and then just a mouthful.

It made me lol when you said its a totally planned carb binge - like does your body say 'that's ok then but it don't go springing one on me now!'

I hope she doesn't give in, but well done you on not joining her!


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carb binge would be the worse thing to do, Id be too scared to do that cause I know Id never be able to get back on track again. I hope she decides against it


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Awful to say, but hindsight is 20/20. The number one worst thing to do when you are in SS mode is to have a 'day off'. I came off for Christmas 2004, and it's taken me flipping ages to get back into the groove.

In the end the only person who can make the decision is your sister. What I would say to you is this : if she 'gets away with it' don't think the same would apply to you. Some people can, some people can't and we often don't find out until it's too late.

Stick with it - the weight will come off!


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ive had 2 scheduled breaks and it has been complete hell getting back on track after. when its planned i think u eat even worse than if u just cave in to temptation on the spur of the moment. at least when u blip in a moment of madness it end up being a few mouthfuls of something naughty. giving urself an entire day to pig out means u have given ur head the green light to have everything in sight lol.

i hope she gets back into it all ok and that she doesnt mak a habit of it.

well done to you for not following suit. u r totally right to not want to mess with ketosis.



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guys, i had a feeling you would say this, i've already told her the price she'll pay tomorrow will not just be 1 day but 4 or 5 till she gets back into ketosis properly, if she has the willpower to do it anyway. This plan really sorts the men out from the boys but it's so worth it even though my weight loss has slowed down to no more than 2lbs a week on 790 plan.

thanks for your input anyway