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25 weeks on....

Well that’s me guys. My days of TFR have come to an end and I’m jumping on the refeed wagon. It’s hard to think that 25 weeks ago I thought I would never have gotten to the stage I have finally reached. Just over 7 stone gone forever :)

I never thought that I personally would have the will power as I read through various mm posts and looked at the slide show at all of the success stories. I couldn’t have got through this journey without the wonderful support of my family ,friends and not forgetting my mm buddies.

For all those peeps that maybe have just started out or are perhaps struggling at the moment, think of the end result and it is so worth it and you will reach your target if you stay focused and determined.

My bmi is still slightly high(27), and I knew this when I set my target and you know it’s not all about “silly” mass charts it’s about you and how you feel in yourself. As my useless pharamacist said to me today”You are still overweight”, no pat on the back ,well done or anything. Anyhow we won’t go into that for now as I don’t want her to deflate me yet again(over my time on LT she has been the most unhelpful, negative,unsupportive, dizzy cow I have ever met- and I will be complaining to LT ) as I am on such a high at the moment.

So my reefed menu is all done and now I’m just about to have a cup of tea with milk in and looking forward to eating this evening.
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Well done on reaching the end of your journey. You've done fantastically well. xxx

Hellie Eds

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Well Done you !!!! what a great achievement you so deserve to be on a high. My pharamacist is the same with that bloody BMI chart. I know its a guide but blinking heck.

Good Luck for refeed I am sure you will have no problems with that after how much you have already done. When I first started out reading your posts and watching your losses you have kept me encouraged and inspired so thankyou. xx


I will be skinny again!!!
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awwww slinky!!!! Im soooo Proud of you hun!!

You look frickin gorgeous in your dress and you look so happy!!

Im soooo happy you have achieved your target :) best of luck refeeding!



Dieting & Mummy To Ethan
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I'm not really doing so well to be honest slinks, been going through some stuff and I have had to come off LT again. Money probs really and getting kicked out of my mums house, but hoping to be back on the diet for what feels like the millionth time, friday coming.


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Thats brilliant, 7 stone in 25 weeks is huge loss. Did you know if you have big boobs, like e plus, it makes your bmi inaccurate
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Slinky ,Congratulations !!!!!!!!. 7 stone WOW . :bunnydance::happy096:

You have done so well and with a witch of a chemist too. Hope you really enjoy your refeed now. With all that self control you have had for 25 weeks ,you wont have a bother. Dont worry about BMIs ,as long as you are happy in your skin thats everything


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Wow - you've done incredibly well. And your photo comparison does all the talking, you look a totally different woman. ANd so happy.

REally pleased for you!


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Slinky

Well, what an achievement and well done on getting to where you wanted even if you did have the most unhelpful chemist..just shows you were 100% committed for you!!!

Your before and after pics are amazing. You dont look like the same person!

Really pleased for you and 7 stone!! WAW...it can be done..every time I hear of another person re-feeding I get really excited as I know I can get there too. You give us inspiration and the desire to carry on.

Enjoy your re-feed and hope you enjoyed your cup of tea with milk :)

Take care
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well done you have done fantastic

you should be super proud


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well done, great acheivement, just keep in control with the refeed, I lost control and gained lots back.


Getting thinner everyday!
Congratulations to you Alison.

That is some acheivement. You look fab.


mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Well done hunny! You have done amazingly well, I'm very proud of you!
Now go enjoy being slinky!! xxx


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Well done Alison on a fantastic achievement over such a short time, you are definitely an inspiration to all the new peeps just starting their lipotrim journey.

Good luck on refeed.


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CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! Well done on 7stone + loss in 25 weeks. Amazing. Best of luck with our refeed. The silly person in the chemist is still a silly person, while you have transformed yourself. Wow! << applause>>


Positivity is the key
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Congratulations on a great journey's end. You should feel rightly proud of what you achieved. It is people like you who give the likes of me hope that I too can achieve great things. I hope you enjoyed your cup of tea and that you are feeling well today and up for the challenge that the refeed brings. Wishing you all the best and am eager to know how it is going for you.


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very well done you, good luck on re feed , it must seem daunting and scary at the same time


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:happy036:Slinky baby you have done absolutely fantastic, :wow:eek:ver 7 stone in 25weeks, is a great achievement you deserve to take first prize :winner:
I bet you feel like doing this :banana dancer: you deserve a medal to be where you are now, no thanks to your arrogant, ignorant pahrmacist.

Well done chick:party0011:

I salute you :party0038:

Will look out for you on refeed, which is somewhere I hope to be very soon xxx

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