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28 Days on Jenny Craig

Day 1

Hello! I've tried every diet under the sun, but the first time on this one. I've ordered 28 days worth, and it was very expensive so this is it, 28 days of Jenny Craig...

Day one:

JC food didn't arrive til lunch time so I had an off plan breakfast, but calorie counted (I'm on the 1500 plan with JC)

B - costa soya latte, apple, nut bar (300)

L - JC noodly soupy thing (like a noodly cuppa soup, tasted ok, nothing special) (215)
2 carrots (no salad, I hadn't been shopping)

S - Soya Latte (costa), apple, 20g half fat cheddar (215)

T - JC Goulash (yummy but not enough!) (200), lots of broccoli, glass of rose (105)

S - 1/4 melon, 2 tbsp cottage cheese, JC crisps (dipped into the cottage cheese - very yummy) (250)

Total: 1285

Which is way under the JC total of 1500, even with an off diet glass of rose. Wonder if that's because I didn't have a mid morning snack.

Exercise: 6 mile run, 30 min exercise DVD (about 800 calories burned)

Net: 485 - ooops!!! Funnily enough I have a tendency to under eat, over exercise...then binge, scrap the diet, gain the weight I've lost and feel cr*p. Hopefully this diary will give me an idea of what I'm up to so I can preempt. I felt like I was eating a lot today, but I'm going to put a rule not to eat less than 1500, and allow myself up to 1800 on exercise days.

Good luck everyone on diets. This one is going to work for me. I love the hope and confidence a new diet brings, but I would like this to be my last:)
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So, Day 2, and I nearly lost the plot...

I know that the first week is always the hardest of a new diet, and I also know that I over exercised yesterday and the day before, which made me extra hungry...was out all day today so planning food was hard and I had a major wobble at about 4pm because I hadn't got any food with me, I felt weak and dizzy (low blood sugar?), I hadn't eaten my full lunch - I only took half with me, and someone had given me a box of chocolates. So of course my inclination was to open the chocolates and shovel them in my mouth! In the end I had two celebrations, and then ate properly when I got home, so yay me! So nearly a binge but not quite. And the moral of the story, for me anyway, is try some moderation! I don't need another starve, binge cycle.

Other than that, today went reasonably well. I ate 2 celebrations and drank a glass of wine that wasn't on plan, but I left out the breakfast cereal and salad dressing. God knows if they're equal, calorie wise, but I don't really care. I feel I did well, and if this is a long term thing, there's going to have to be some little adjustments here and there.

I didn't get any exercise in, but will get a 3 mile run in tomorrow morning.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.
Food on day 2:

B - soya latte, melon, 12 almonds (300)
S - JC choc cereal bar, strawberries & blueberries (140)
L - JC Chorizo & bean soup (220), half a latte (75)
S - Apple, 2 celebrations (180)
T - lots of veg, salad with tuna and feta (165), JC chicken & potato curry (220), glass of rose (110)

Total: 1410, not bad, but a little under where I want to be (given the amount of exercise I do, I think I should eat between 1500-1750 calories a day).. but thinking about it, I did eat lots of veg which would probably top it up.

One good thing about JC, I'm eating a lot more fruit and veg...
Good job in avoiding eating the whole box! You are doing really well. It would be great for your post diet future if you can manage to break the binge/starve cycle. Good luck for day 4!
Thank you minusfour! I wish you luck too in whatever diet you're following.

Today was an interesting day - I was at a conference so had no access to a microwave or control over food, so I decided to eat breakfast and supper the JC way, but calorie count so that I could eat lunch at the conference but still be within my calories. Here's what I had:

B: Soya latte, JC cereal bar, melon (220)
S: At conference: 1 biscuit (80)
L: 1 small wholemeal smoked salmon roll, crudites, yoghurt (approx calories 400)
S: 1 small wholemeal ham roll (approx 250)
Post run: soya latte (90)
T: JC veggie pasta, with 15g parmesan, broccoli, green beans (285)
S: JC crisps, cottage cheese (160), grapefruit (50)

1535 calories (target: 1500, plus extra if I do over half an hours exercise)

Exercise: 6 mile run (1 hr), 1.5 mile walk

So all in all, a success. But, I had a weak moment mid afternoon - a little voice in my head telling me to give up and start again tomorrow..bad voice! I resisted though.

Key learning points:
- Ignore bad voices!
- Potential binge triggers: mid afternoon tiredness (particularly after a restless night); an all-or-nothing excuse not to exercise if I'm tired.

How I averted: had something to eat instead, distracted myself and the moment passed.

Day 3 done and dusted, yay!

I was wondering if you were still doing Jenny Craig, as I am now half way through my third week, and would love to have some one to share this with, I find the lack of having someone other than the councellor talking AT me ten to the dozen before she runs out of minutes!!! a bit exhausting and would be great if I had someone else to share the journey with?

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