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Kitty's Keto Kit


Hi all,

I've been looking for somewhere supportive to post my daily food diaries and be accountable. I lost 13 stone a few years ago on the keto diet but following several bereavements and some very hard times I regained 6.5 stone over the last few years.

I'm now working to get that off - 3 stone lost since this time last year.

It's been slow but I really want to get under 12 stone by November as I want to finally get skin removal surgery as I haven't had a relationship since I started losing weight as I struggle so much with my appearance. I don't need to be skinny I just want to be normal.

My losses have been slow lately so I am trying 'traditional' keto with an 80% fat macro for 3 days a week at least to see if that helps speed things up. It did last time I tried it but then I went off plan for a special event and we all know how that goes - gained it back.

I want to be on plan now until my birthday at the end of July.

Food today:

Prawns and avocado
Eggs and cream cheese

Drinks: water and tea with alpro unsweetened soya

1525 calories
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I do keto, I've been keto for almost a year now. I've lost 4stone 12lb on it, would like 2lb off for my keto-versary next week but I'm doubtful as it's slow going now but I'm fine with that. I love keto so much and have no plans to quit. I feel so much better than I did so even if it takes another year to hit my goal I'm fine with that :)


That's brilliant MrsGinger! I agree, keto is a great diet. I feel so much healthier and stronger and just mentally clearer when I cut out the carbs - not that I don't stumble from the wagon sometimes. Keto is the only way I can control my eating, though. I really admire calorie counters and those on slimming plans - I can't do a little bit of chocolate, only 'no chocolate' or 'all the chocolate'!!

Do you have a diary on here? Feels like it will be a million years before I have enough posts to view the members forums.

My losses are definitely slower lately than they used to be, though, which is frustrating. I'd really really like two stone off by the end of the year.

Food today was:

Avocado and cream cheese brekkie
1 scrambled egg, 1 oz cheese
Steak and eggs
Curators lovely salt and vinegar pork puffs

Tea and water.

Rea Cat

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Oh, you must be so excited for your surgery! That is my absolute dream, but i have quite a few debts and credit cards to clear off before i can even think about that but it's on my 'one day' list.

I lost half my body weight doing keto, and i still stick with it now, bar the odd week eating 'normally' (read: awfully), but i swear i must have about 2 stone of just skin to get rid of now!