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28yo Guy .... Slimming World ??

Hi folks,

I've just turned 28, and im so sick of being fat :mad: I've tried weight watchers before and found it too complicated with all the counting and points etc, I've tried LighterLife and lost weight - but found it much much to severe when wanting to live like a human !!!

I've looked at Slimming World a few times, and theres a number of groups locally too. From these forums it seems like its mostly women, and I was wondering if there are any other men out there, and indeed a question for the ladies... are there many men at your group ?

I'm currently about 140KG / 22 stone and my ideal targets would be 20 / 18 / 15.

Is this realistic on Slimming World ?

sorry if this I am rambling, but I want to attempt this but making sure I choose the right path to do it (if that makes sense !!)

All opinions, comments, suggestions, tell offs etc welcome !!!

Hope you all have a fab bank hol weekend,

Paddy :)

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aw thank you ! i realised what i had done as soon as i clicked submit and I sent a mail to the " contact us " to try to rectify !

Sorry for being a pain !!
Hiya - yep we have loads of blokes at our group :D

It is definatly do-able aswell. There are guys at our group that have lost 8 stone, ones just got his 6 stone, another is currently at 5 stone something...... then another took target this week after loosing 2.5 stones - so as you can see, we're all different & have different targets & it is achieveble when you stick to the plan.

The plan is great - so much freedom in it & plenty of food to eat - nothing is banned!!

I would say go for it 100% - I honestly don't think you will be dissapointed :D
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Is it mostly women - yep. Should that stop you from joining and losing hell no! Some groups do have more blokes than others so if it is an issue then shop around but after the initial "shock" I don't think it really makes a difference.
There's not many men at my current group as it's a morning one, so there's a lot of older women or women with babies. I have been to SW groups previously twice though (evening ones) and there's always been at least a couple of men there, and they usually do the best to be honest, if there's a new man to join the group you can usually guarantee they'll get slimmer of the week quite a bit! I think men are always quite well received too, in groups that are mainly women you'll probably find yourself quite well looked after! I think SW is good for men too because you can fill up on food, you're not staring down at sad plates of carrots and miniscule meat and carb portions meal after meal. I'd definitely say go along and see what you think, after a couple of weeks I'll bet you'll quite look forward to going.


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There are about 7 men go to my group. Don't know how much they have lost, but on the SW website there is a story about a man who lost 17 stone so definitely doable.

That story is in the 'open' section of the site so you don't need to worry about logging in.

Good luck.
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Hi, it is great to see a guy on here. At my class it is all females but my husband does slimming world with me and enjoys it. I find Slimming World the best and have tried a number of others- believe me!!

I just had my first weigh in on Wednesday and lost 7.5lb in my first week and was bnever hungry or felt deprived so go on give it a go.

Have a great bank holiday x


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We have 3 blokes in our class, they seem to get a lot out of the classes, they all are doing really well, and they continue to come back each week. It is good to hear a male view point on the things we discuss as well.
Hi, iv been to meetings & there are men there, some to loose weight & a few just to support their partner, anyway go to a meeting it will do you good, were all there for the same reason, goodluck x
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hey hey hey!

of course it's dooable. . i know it's not quite the same thing, but when i joined slimmingworld i was 16, and was quite honestly mortified when my mother decided i was joining slimmingworld. (shes a size 6, and could do with putting on a few tbh,) I couldnt believe i was going to be sat in a room full of old woman chatting about how fat i was. I had no intention of doing the diet and bargained with myself i'd give it 3 weeks to make it look like i'd given it a go, and then get back to my own life.

i convinced a very overweight friend to come along with me, her mum had already lost ten stone on sw so it wasnt too hard, but she never came back with me.. i was gutted and was even more convinced i wouldnt even make it 3 weeks - at the time i just wanted my mum to think id given it a shot.

when i jumped on the scales and saw a 3.5lb loss on my first week (although that is a small number compared to some) i was estatic, i stayed to class and found so many new friends, i am still the youngest (two years later lol) but none of them treat me like a baby, but my c' does deffinatly look after me LOL which i love.

My group is so fantasticly amazing, and iv found somthing in slimmingworld i never expected to find.. i go every single week, without fail ( i think i'v missed 2 classes in 2 years) and i have every intention of keeping that up. Its the highlight of my week, and i love it.

when i think back to what i thought sw would be, i feel awful to have misjudged it like that.

.. i have a blokey in my class, a fellow target member.. He got his 2 stone award and to target a few weeks back and we always have a laugh together. He comes with his wife and daughter and manages alot of the inclass events around xmas time.. which is great cos the rest of us are lazy haha.

Theres no reason why you cant do it, slimmingworld works and i would never dream of going anywhere else, and if i can make it work for me.. you have no excuse! I lost 4.5 stone in 14 months, iv maintained that for almost 9 months as my target weight, and have no lowered my target another half a stone.. my losses are slow now but i really enjoy slimmingworld, so it doesnt bother me. (okay fine.. somtimes it is PAINFULLY slow lol and i get a lil'impatient) but seriously..

join up and get started, you wont regret it.. promise!

all the best of luck to you honey.



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I talked my best friend into joining as he was flying to the time and he had to keep his weight in check, all the woman loved it as he was the first in ages to be there, and loved hearing about the weekends that he had drinking copious amounts of bacardi and still loosing 2lb min a week! barry's schedule was getting to much so had to give it up!

in my old group i had 2 men who's weight losses were astounding, even to the extent i hadnt been for several months and i didnt recognise him!

my new group has several men too, men are more than welcome and i am sure that there is even a male consultant or two hiding somewhere, i'm sure one even does a man only class! don't know where though!

laura x


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Men attend the group I go to and a couple of them are roughly your age (give or take a year) and are doing fantastically well. As you are aware, groups are made up primarily of women but that shouldn't put you off. My partner used to attend, who is 30, and felt the way you do; however, he stuck it out.

Good luck :)
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I defo think this could be the plan for you to follow paddy. It is normal food very limited weighing and measuring what more could you ask for ! Years ago my mum used to be a consultant and she had a few men who attended her class and they all did fab - one guy lost 9 stone within year and he still had a night out every week.

If you decide to fo with SW good luck.

TC x
Hi Paddy,

You're in a similar boat to me, I'm 24 and weighed about that also and am really sick of it. Tried LL also, killed me, what a horrendous diet. Decided on Slimming World last week and am so far 8lb down! Give it ago, I joined the body opti thing online and its awesome. So much information + the guys here helped me out this week too.. go for it buddy.

Tom x
Thanks everyone for all your really encouraging replies. The meeting nearest to me to this Wed so I will go along to it I think.

When you join what do you get ? Do you get a pack like you do with WW? I see you get access to a members site too - is this similar to the optomising website which you pay to join ?

Once again thanks for comments people :):)


(Oh and thank to those who have started following me on twitter too lol !)

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
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Hello and welcome! When you join you'll get your members pack which has everything you'll need to start following SW for life! You'll also get the password each week so you can log on to the SW website and record your losses, get hints and tips and check syns *** note though - we can't and won't give out the SW password here so if you don't get it each week or forget it text your Consultant who will give it to you ***. Hang on, I'll go and find the SW newbie thread which should give you an idea of this fabulous plan! xxx

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