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Attack 2nd day on attack


Will be a skinny mini!
Hi all ive survived another day i must admit i struggled a bit today but i suppose that's normal in the first few days, ive been really tired all day is that a normal sign?

Today ive eaten

B. soft boiled egg with ham

L. 2 chicken breasts

Snack @ 5 crab sticks

D. Lean mince meat burgers
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mrs joyce why not join us in the diaries section and open up a diary there - most of us find it helps to keep our daily musings (and menus) in there.

we also have a daily menu thread if you'd like to post in there - you might find inspiration in others' menus in that thread...


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Hi mrsjoyce :) for me it took a good week maybe to stop feeling so hungry, Maybe add yoghurt to your day too?? I had to stuff myself to get through the 1st week, even ate when I was not hungry, Tiredness is normal but will pass, as will be the headaches (they too will come) ..hate that bit and hope you dont get them, but they too pass :)
Keep up the good work, You will see results fast and it gets so much easier xxxxxxxxxxxx
Hey there I too can say it gets better! Attack is brutal but necessary then the diet day to day is fine just keep that in mind! Never feel hungry though! I love yoghurt flavoured with a bit of vanilla or sweetener for a comfort or even a bed-night drink of hot (skim) milk with sweetener to make me dream sweet ones! It does get better I promise!
I go on a binge every now and again it's normal just get straight bk on the wagon I eat pickled onions takes craving for crisps away lol


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The other trouble with Attack is you haven't got to grips with recipes and things so often eat too much dry stuff. I could hardly stand it after a day, so went back to the book and did a few flavoured yog or quark sauces or dressings. My favourites rapidly became quark and Fromage Frais mixed with wholegrain mustard for meat, dill for fish. Now I use garlic more too. Curry pdr is a good one too, sort of Coronation Chicken without the apricots. The book has lots of sauces, being French.

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