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2nd time around-1st day over!feeling fab!

Hey guys,

1st day back into TFR is over and OMG I honestly did not expect it to b that easy. It was prob due to d fact that I was mad busy in work and literlly did not have a minute to think about how hungry I am. In fact I didn't really even get that hungry as I have been drinking loads. And during lunch I just read all the posts on this forum which kept me so motivated. I can't wait for my first WI next Wednesday!

One thing I didn't miss, is beeing so bloody cold. wearing loads of layers and sitting here in bed all snuggeled up sipping my decaf coffee, feeling like an ice block.

I am soooo chuffed today went so well u can't imagine girls!:D

Anyway just wanted to share the happiness.

g'nite everyone

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irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
well done to you for sailing thru your first day. No bother to an old hand like you.
Welcome back ..i don't get cold must be me lol i'm always hot never wear coats unless its minus 10
well done on your loss so far :)

debz x

The cold is still annoying for me, i've lost almost all my insulation now and seem to be freezing all the blinking time. LOL, better cold than overweight and unhealthy though, I figure ;)


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
hey - welcome back! Im half way through week 3 of my 2nd time on LT and the coldness has been with everyday since day 1 :( its a bummer but a small price to pay getting slim! :D x


A little of everything!
Good to hear!! Only 8days til I return to TFR and I love hearing positive tales about re-starting?
I really need to get my head in gear...I've got used to food again!


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
oooh irish your starting in 8 days!!!! :D :D :D
Ah we can do it! On my 2nd day today and I am so happy that i manage just fine. I have no problem with it what so ever and I am as motivated as I was when I started first. Which I really didn't think was possible after eating food again.

I am a bit cranky with my BF but he's been through it before and gives me massive support.



A little of everything!
I am as motivated as I was when I started first. Which I really didn't think was possible after eating food again.
Ohh...thats brilliant to hear!! I'm afraid I'll lose heed half way through & think "Ah sure I'm nearly there, one piece of "x" won't make any difference", which I can't afford to so with so few supplies left!

Yep Tanya, next Friday is D-Day! :p:D
That's fantastic Tridi! The crankiness never leaves me. Although I was a bit of a nutter before LT so can't use it as an excuse. Bless the poor men, they've a lot to put up with. Can't get used to the cold. I'm sitting here heating on full blast all cosied up. My hands are that cold typing is difficult! The joys of ketosis.

Keep that strength and determination and you'll be at goal in no time at all.
I am saw glad you are finding it easy to get back into, I must say I have too, today is day 10 and still going great guns apart from the cold feeling and lack of energy still.

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