3rd time lucky - getting skinny in time for turning 30!


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Soooo here I am again :rolleyes:

I had a diary on here when I was losing weight for my wedding back in 2014. That went really well, I really liked doing Slimming World (well as much as you can love being on a diet :p), Out of all the diets/plans I've followed (and that's been a few!) it's the easiest I've found to stick to. My problem is I love food! Anyway - I was a chubby size 14 (not saying this is a bad size to be, just that as I'm so short and don't carry extra weight well, I really didn't look or feel good). To spur myself on I bought a size 10 wedding dress (no pressure lol). Thankfully the gamble paid off and I actually ended up having to get the dress taken in a bit. We had a fab wedding and great photos, we got married in Greece and of course you don't stick to a diet while you're on holiday do you... problem is I never really got back into it once we were home and back to reality. By Christmas 2014 all the weight was back on.

January 2015 I started another diary on here determined to get all the weight back off - unfortunately I just never really got 'in the zone' and so I've started this year basically the same weight as I was beginning of last year! One good thing though is that I've really got into a habit of exercising and am actually (sort of) starting to enjoy it.. sometimes lol. I do circuit training once a week usually and then am running a couple of times a week. When I started I couldn't even run for one minute but now I go and run 5k quite a lot - well actually I've never run 5k non stop but almost - furthest I've run is 4k! I've done a couple of Wolf Runs including the Winter Wolf in November 2015 which was one of the hardest things I've ever done.. I'll add some photos to here when I get chance! I'm doing another one in April (for those that don't know, it's a 10k obstacle/mud run, there's lots of trail running and woods and swimming through a lake and climbing up horribly high walls.. it's honestly a lot of fun too though!). So I may be about the same weight but I'm definitely smaller (not sure how that works out but there you go..) and a bit fitter.

So here I am. I'm just about to end my second week back on SW, I was going to just go it alone and not bother with a diary here but I kind of missing logging my food and chatting with other people about it. Week 1 I was 11st 2lb, then weighed myself last week and was 11lb exactly. Next weigh in is tomorrow morning, I did have a sneaky look this morning (I just can't help myself) and the scales said 10st 12lb so I'm reallllly hoping that's the same (or better) tomorrow - I'm dying to get back into the 10st bracket! I'm off to circuits tonight and I'm always half dead after and sweat loads so hopefully that will help lol.

I can't remember all my food for the past couple of weeks but today was:

Fat free greek yogurt, chopped banana, 1 Alpen light bar (half of HExB) sprinkled over

Mid morning
Latte made from semi skimmed milk (HExA) and 1 Alpen light bar (other half of HExB)

Veg curry (free/superfree)

I'm off to circuits so havent eaten dinner, I think I'll just have a Pasta & Sauce when I get back. I did meet my sister in law for a latte in a cafe earlier so there's my syns gone lol.

I know the SW plan has changed slightly since I did it but I think I'm just going to stick with what I know. I've basically repeated what I did before for the past 2 weeks and it seems to be working so far :) now that I've done this before I've got a fairly good idea of what works for me, when I did SW before I basically stuck to the plan religiously all week and found that I could afford to be a bit naughty at weekends (ie have a takeaway/drink and go over syns) and still lost weight. So I'm going in with the same approach this time but obviously if I find I'm not losing weight then I'll have to be a bit less naughty at weekends too!

I've got lots to spur me on - I turn 30 at the beginning of Feb so I've got a night out then with the hubby and a couple of friends. Then in March I've got a big night out with a bigger group of friends and we're going the full works - I'm going to go and get my hair and make up done professionally and going for full on glamour (once I find an amazing dress!) so I'd really love it if I could be fairly skinny by then :D

Also (this has just been planned this week!) I'm going to Santorini in Greece with my sister in June! I didn't think I'd be going abroad this year so I'm very excited. Definitely need to look good in a bikini so there's that to spur me on. Then we're going on holiday in the UK with our kids and some friends (and their kids) in July and there'll be nights out and stuff there.. so yeah lots really!

Off to circuits now.. wish me luck for tomorrow's weigh in eeeek! (wonder if there's any members still on here from last time I was here.. would be lovely to catch up, if there's any of you here please say hello!). Looking forward to starting following some other diaries on here too :) xx
Weigh day!

OMG - so my sneaky peek on the scales yesterday showed 10st 12lb which was a loss of 2lb. Got on the scales today and I'm 10st 10.75lb (yes I've got digital scales so very precise lol). Over 3lb loss! 3.25lb to be exact haha. So glad I went to circuits last night, that extra 1lb or so was probably mostly sweat :p it was such hard going!

And I'm back in the 10s yaaaaay :D
Grr when I try to update my stats on here it won't let me enter a weight that exact, the most exact it'll let you go is to 0.5 of a lb. So I've put my weight as 10st 11lb and 3lb loss. Good enough I suppose!
I've really struggled to get on here during the week when I'm working. Going to try and get the app on my phone I think so then I can update in the day when I get a spare minute!

Anyway I've stuck to it 100% this week, done two 5k runs and went to circuits last night.. just got on the scales and I'm 10st 11.5lb so I've actually GAINED half a pound. Feeling slightly gutted to be honest! Hoping if I'm good again this week then it'll show a good loss next week but to be honest it's my birthday on Wednesday so I'm not sure if I'll be totally good that day!
You sound really motivated to me do you weigh in the mornings I do cos I seem to loose 2lb over night and put it on later tho lol. Your food looked good I'm eating loads of spag Bol chilli curry and stews to pack my veg in and stick to omelet in the day. Good luck with your weight loss this week I think you will do well xx