2nd Weigh In - SO UPSET


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Oh hun dont be upset! its still 2lbs closer to your goal weight an people that have a low loss 1 week often have a higher loss the next week. Maybe u have lost inches rather than lbs!? x


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Don't fret. If you have been 100% all week you WILL be getting smaller.

Are you taking measurements too? It'll help to focus on those losses in a week where you might be holding onto some water.

There's a great sticky about scales. (sorry - can't post the link cause I'm on my phone.)

Keep faith in the diet. It works over time, so try to stick with it - you'll ne happier in the long run.
the 2nd week is notorious for a low loss hun , you had a great one 1st week and most people do have a disappointing loss 2nd week and then it picks up . Your body may be redistributing fat and holding on to a little but it will be better next week if you stick 100 % :)


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Thanks, guys, its just depressing when you've been trying all week. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to try harder for next week......:sigh:


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Just stick with it - the diet will work if you stick to it - it can be demoralising when you think you should have lost more - but it will all average out.


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Morning YummyMummy --

I had a two pound loss, as well. And that was following a 3 pound the week previously. But, I am trying to think of it as 5 pounds off in January and 5 pounds closer to my goal.

Also, as Janellekay wrote: You may have lost inches. My CDC taped me -- and I lost 2 inches off of my waist!!! So, I know where those two pounds had been. (and, my trousers are a lot more comfortable.)

Sooo, if you have the energy up your exercise and make sure you are drinking all your water... I'll do the same. And, let's try for 3 (which was my average on LL) -- because when you are closer to your goal weight you will not lose as fast as those who have more to lose.



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Yummy, don't be upset ! I bet you get a big one next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aw honey don't get disheartened, the weight will catch up by next week. I know when I first did Lipotrim I lost 11.5lbs the first week and only 1.5lbs the second, I was gutted! It was just my body trying to hold on to what it could, but once it realised that this was going to be "it" for a while, it kind of gave up, if you know what I mean. Apparently it is not unusual.

Keep going honey, and next week will be brill!!!


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Don't be upset hun i bet next week you will have a big loss

great things

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it's either the 2nd or the 3rd week that are hard. you body losses so much the first week on ss that sometimes it takes a week to catch up.

bet you have some water retention.


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aw hun its sooo upsetting when you have tried so hard, keep strong and as others have said it will be a good one next week xx


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Aww don't be upset you've done so well. My OH lost 10lb the first week then only 1lb the second week but had another 10lb loss the week after so dont give up!!


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Hi. I only lost 2lb on my second week too 100% SS. It was 6 on the first week. I was disappointed too especially as my OH lost 12 & 5.

At the end of they day only eating 500ish cal's a day we have got to loose weight!! Everyone's body had a different biochemistry & the drastic diet change will affect as all differently. For some off us it will upset our monthly's / fluid retention, until we adjust. Some will suffer from infrequent bowl movements etc. All these things will affect our losses. I think we have to give it month for our bodies to adjust before we can determine what our weight loss rate will be?
It's also affected by exercise levels, mussel mass, BMI etc..... The list is endless.

As before, as far as I work out there is no way you can't loose the weight on this diet as long as you stick to it 100% or don't blow it after 1 falter.
I'm on day 14, so the proof will be in the pudding! - well hopefully not as it my pudding tummy that needs to go!!