2nd Weigh In!!!

Gem Dec 17th 06

Full Member
And another 3.5lbs gone!!

It's a total of 11 & 1/4 altogether.

I am very happy!!! Next weigh in should be my first stone! Whooohooooo!!!


Well done. I remember being so surprised when it just kept coming off.

Lovely feeling which just gets better and better :D

Bet your dead chuffed with yourself...and rightly so :)
I shall be measuring myself in the morning!! (like to keep to the same day!!)

People at work are noticing which is a real buzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

Well done gem thats brill news :D
WOW !! well done Gem - ur going great guns :D
OOOoooo I love weddings and your dress is absolutely gorgeous. Im a firm believer that your wedding dress should be really special.

Hope you enjoy being a princess for a day - I loved my wedding.....