2nd Weigh in


Well I lost another 5.5lb this week, so in 2 weeks now I have lost 22.5lb! I am so chuffed! I am really enjoying this diet.

Some days my mind plays up thinking I want some choc or something else, but I have just been concentrating on why I am doing it and have managed to get through this!!

Just 5.5lb more till I will have lost 2 stone! How fab is that!
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congrats bunny,
you are doing excellent! i'm just takin my days 1 at a time, and trying to ignore all delicious food smells!hahaha
keep up the good work:D


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Well done, thats fantastic. Its got to be a far better feeling that going to Tesco's for prawns and salad! You should be very proud of yourself.

Chris. xx


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This gives the saying your "One Happy Bunny" new meaning!!!

Well done Bunny on your 5.5lbs. off this week and 22.5lbs. in two weeks....

That is such an incentive:)

Here's to another very good week ahead.

Love Mini xxx


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Thats a fabulous incentive to keep on the straight and narrow. Keep up the excellent work and the 2 stone will be off before you know it. Well Done


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Woo Hoo Bunnyg.. well done you, this diet is fab isnt it! :)



Not dieting ATM!
I always love hearing of others that are really enjoying this diet and getting fab results. It reminds me so much of myself in the first months and the relief and excitement I felt about finally turning my life around.

Roll on the 2 stone mark Bunny.

Dizzy x
I love reading about such good weight lose. It makes all the ahrd work worth it. Keep going and ull be there in no time so proud u didnt give in to the prawn. Well done


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:eek: BUNNY!!!

u aint half shifting those lbs!! im so pleased for you. WELL DONE!!!