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2nd wi and a gain ???? has this happened to anyone else?


going to do it!!!!
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Hi all, had my second weigh in last night and had a gain of 2lb:cry::cry:.
Ive tracked everything i have eaten and havnt gone over 29 ppoints a day and have had 30 of weekly pps, to say im gutted would be an understatement!!
My leader didnt seem that bothered either it was as if it didnt matter, he didnt try and give me any help or advice , just wanted the next person on the scales!!
Has this happened to anyone else? My totm is due but surely 2lb is not right?
I would be very grateful for any replies.
I feel like my body wont let me get under the 13 stone mark and eveytime i get close i start to put on weight!!!
Cant decide whether to go back to discover as i lost 3 stone a few years back on this and got to goal. Has anyone else gone back and enjoyed a better weight loss? I was really enjoying ppoints too.
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i'd say with it,,your totm can make a difference and ake you put on wieght,,keep trying and i bet you'll have a great loss next week!!!
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Did you wear different clothes? Did u eat a meal before weigh in but didn't before last weigh in? Maybe its just because you havent got your head around the diet properly yet and may have made some mistakes in your tracking. See what happens this week and if its not good take your tracker with you to your meeting and go over it with your leader. You could also put a food diary on here. Good luck


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I gained 1lbs on my first week of pro proints. My weigh in was yesterday, Im exactly the same as you.. and i cannot for the life of me wonder why ive gained as on the old plan i lost everyweek, how was ur carb intake? x
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I've also had a 2lbs gain. :(
I've never gone over my daily amount and don't have treats. I finally got under the 13 stone mark by 3lbs and now I've just put them back on again, i've tried so hard. :(


going to do it!!!!
S: 14st10lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks for all the replies. Ive checked my tracker and i def did not go over my 29 dailys all week. i didnt have a meal before wi and i did wear same clothes so i reckon it must be totm. Another thing that it may be is that i have started having hormone injections in preparation for an operation to hopefuly sort out horrendous periods and when i googled it weight gain is a common side effect :eek: gutted i really want to sort out my periods but dont want to end up much heavier!! feel like im in a no win situation:cry::cry:.
Yesterday i started back on discover and going give it a week and see if it makes a difference .
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If you know the reason why you've gained weight, why going back on discover? obviously propoints had worked for you on week 1 and the only reason why you've put on on week 2 is because of your TOTM in conjunction with the hormones injection. You said that you enjoyed propoints. Keep on following it, so your metabolism won't go down while you're taking hormones, and you wont gain too much weight either. You'll see that when the injections will be over, that weight you've gained will dissolve and you'll start losing again very quickly!


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Don't let it put you off, it's probably just a water retention thing to do with TOTM and all that malarky. Don't think of it as an excuse to go off the handle - who knows: next week you could get a super douper weight loss! :)
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I think the second week when you are dieting is always the hardest in terms of weight loss. I think it's just trial and error on this plan as to finding what the best number of weeklies to eat and still lose, plus what foods are the best to eat.

I know that looking at the scales five days in, I've not lost anything (and have a small gain) and I've been following it largely to the letter. :(


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I mean if you think about it, your body has to retain water to produce all of that blood, so it makes logical sense that you will gain weight coming up to it, but then all of that weight gets expelled during the period itself. :)

I got myself sorted with the contraceptive implant so i've got no period (yay) but I know in the past when I did have a period I could go up by a considerable amount, sometimes even 4lbs!!!

Keep going on the same plan, you'll get a good loss if you keep being good this week :)

I know how demoralising a gain is when you are good :( *sending hugs your way*

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